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Life’s a Journey



Pegasi: (Leader) Sidhe de Fae (Loriloveslore)


Harpy: (Second)


Upper City across from House Unbroken


(these can be in more than one House.) Psychopomp, Sky

Houses these types

Messengers, Speedsters, Adventurers, Airship Pilots, The Unclaimed, Misfits, Delivery Boys, Pickpockets, Fast-talkers, Navigators, Sneaker Collectors, People kicked out of their House, Former Boy and Girl Scouts, New members to the island who don’t have a home, fans of the ‘quickie’, Dine & Dashers, Door to Door Salesmen, DPS, Gunslingers, Medics, Tour Guides



Lost Socks Club

The Welcome Committee.


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Wayfinder, one must have either Psychopomp or Sky purviews, or both) Hermes, Vanu, Haoma, Vahram, Zam, Sraosha, Heimdall, Agni, Legba

Businesses / Duties of the House:

  1. Guard the Skies

  2. Transportation of goods and demigods to and from the island (Airship Landing)

  3. Guarding and guiding the newly awakened

  4. Communication and message delivery

  5. Manage the skyport


Wayfinder House is home for those demigods who are the children of Messenger Gods, but also the place where unclaimed demigods go when first coming to the island. They’re in charge of first impressions and getting people settled and finding their niche, as well as a way for them to contribute to the community. Wayfinder also controls the air platform, a station where airships and other flight based transportation brings people and things into the island.  From this air platform, they also run a delivery service.


Kindness is one of their key tenants, and the biggest way to upset them is to be unnecessarily cruel or rude to new people to the island, or to say that your pizza is free because it took them 31 minutes to get it to you.

The Codex of the Wanderers: Laws for the Fraternity of Mercury's Chosen

Seekers of Lost Sparks

We are guides and guardians for the newly awakened, helping them navigate the path towards their divine heritage. Show compassion and patience, for their journey is full of uncertainty.

Whispers of Truth

We cultivate the art of communication in all its forms – spoken word, written text, coded messages, even the language of silence. Use your skills to unravel hidden truths and illuminate understanding.

Trails, Not Walls

Our fraternity does not confine itself to one place. We traverse the world, seeking not only lost demigods but also knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and languages. Let curiosity be your compass.

Tongues of Fire

Guard the secrets entrusted to you, for knowledge misused can be as dangerous as ignorance. Speak wisely, and only when your words can illuminate or heal.

 Paths, Not Destinations:

 Finding one's divine parent is but one step on a longer journey. Guide with a light hand, encouraging the newly awakened to forge their own path and embrace their unique gifts.

 Bridges, Not Barriers:

Bridges, Not Barriers: Though united by Mercury's touch, we celebrate the varied lineages and talents within our fraternity. Foster collaboration and respect, for unity in diversity is our greatest strength.

Whispers in the Wind

Carry news and messages across the land, ensuring information flows freely and empowers both mortals and demigods. Remember, even the smallest whispers can spark revolutions.

Travelers' Sanctuary:

Our fraternity houses offer safe haven for weary wanderers, regardless of lineage or allegiance. Offer hospitality and aid, for within our walls, journeys begin and end in peace.

Songs of the Spheres

Music and storytelling connect hearts and bridge cultures. Use your gifts to weave narratives that inspire, educate, and remind us of the shared threads that bind humanity.

Secrets of the Cartographer

Chart and share hidden paths, forgotten languages, and whispered rumors of lost demigods. Remember, a map not shared serves no purpose.

Guardians of Crossroads

 Life offers choices, and the newly awakened often stand at crossroads. Offer guidance but respect their free will, for the journey of self-discovery cannot be forced.

The Language of Stars:

Though scattered across the world, we are united under the watchful gaze of Mercury. Honor the celestial map above, for it guides our journeys and reminds us of our shared purpose.

Bonus Rule:

Remember, even the fastest messenger stumbles. Forgive mistakes, for learning is a lifelong journey, and growth comes from shared experiences.

Rituals and Traditions

Whispers on the Wind: Traditions of the Elysian Messengers

Guardians of Whispers: The fraternity of demigods on Elysium are not just skilled messengers, but protectors of lost demigods, keepers of celestial secrets, and vigilant defenders of the sky routes. Their traditions and rituals reflect their unique roles:


  • Flight of Acceptance: Aspiring demigods undertake a solo flight across the treacherous Storm Straits, navigating by constellations and their intuition. Success symbolizes courage, resourcefulness, and trust in the wind.

  • Echoes of Lineage: Returning initiates recount their flight, mimicking sounds they encountered (bird calls, whispers, storms) to guide the Oracle in identifying their divine parent. The revelation is celebrated with blessings and a symbolic gift crafted from sky materials (feathers, cloudsilk).

Fraternity Life:

  • Morning Chorus: Each day begins with a communal call and response chant, mimicking various birdsong to honor the wind and pay respects to lost demigods. The chant serves as a reminder of their duty and reinforces fraternity bonds.

  • Starlight Storytelling: Under the vast night sky, members share stories of past missions, celestial lore, and personal journeys. Elders recite myths and prophecies, teaching the younger members history and responsibility.

  • Sky Games: Every year, friendly competitions test members' agility, speed, and strategic thinking in aerial challenges simulating Titan encounters. They utilize wind currents, create formations, and hone their communication skills.

  • Whispering Paths: Once a decade, an elder leads a pilgrimage to forgotten corners of the world, tracing routes used by ancient gods and sharing their stories, ensuring the knowledge isn't lost.

Protecting the Unclaimed:

  • First Contact: When a new demigod arrives, disoriented and unsure, the fraternity welcomes them with a calming ritual. Soft chimes, fragrant smoke, and soothing words ease their confusion and open communication.

  • Guardian's Oath: Before joining the fraternity, each member swears an oath to protect the unclaimed, guide them towards their destiny, and keep the secrets of Elysium safe. This oath is renewed annually before the Oracle, reaffirming their commitment.

  • Claiming Ceremony: When a divine parent claims their child, the fraternity gathers for a bittersweet celebration. They weave stories into a ceremonial tapestry recounting the unclaimed's journey, honoring both joy and sacrifice.

Defending the Sky Routes:

  • Patrol Flights: Regularly, groups patrol the sky routes, scanning for Titan activity and ensuring safe passage for all. They memorize celestial patterns and relay warnings through coded bird calls or cloud formations.

  • Skirmish Drills: Members train in mock battles against simulated Titan attacks, honing their aerial combat skills and teamwork. They practice aerial maneuvers, coordinated attacks, and communication amidst chaos.

  • Titanfall Ritual: If a Titan breaches the defenses, a somber ritual honors fallen members and invokes the protection of the wind god Hermes. Elders perform a symbolic sacrifice (releasing doves, chanting prayers) to appease the gods and seek their aid.

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