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It’s not easy being green



Current Leader/ Point of Contact:


 (Leader) Graeme Sinclair (Graeme Fairelander)

(Second) Dawn (noellestclair)


One highest of the aerial islands over Elysium


(these can be in more than one House.) Nature, Animal, Earth

Houses these types

Farmers, Plant Ladies (and Laddies), Rangers, Trackers, Vegans, Freegans, Ecoterrorists, Recycling Enthusiasts, Healers, Dryads, Potheads, Gardeners, Landscapers, Poison Ivy Cosplayers,  Animal lovers, Shapeshifters, Environmental Activists, Hunters.


The Greenies

The Sprout Squad

The Pollen Posse,


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Verdant, one must have either Nature, Animal, or Earth purviews) Inari, Xipe Totec, Shennong, Artemis, Demeter, Pinja, Geb, Stribog, Epona

Businesses / Duties of the House:

Caretakers of the Heart of the Island

Caretakers of the Elysium Forest

Vegetable stands in the Marketplace

House Verdant works in conjunction with House Hearthstone to provide food for the Communal dining hall and individual houses.


One of House Verdant’s main duties is growing crops to feed the denizens of Elysium. But that’s not all. This eclectic crew of nature demigods also serves as keepers of the grove, and take care of most of the natural world of the island. Vicious care. If you plan to go hunting for sport or want to chop down a tree, you must get the blessing of House Verdant first. If one of them finds out their favorite tree or meadow has been destroyed or desecrated, the hunt is on. And they are very good hunters.


While House of Revelry boasts the best of almost every other drug and intoxicant, they admit House Verdant has the best marijuana–and uses it exclusively.

The Green Wardens: Laws for Nature's Bounty and the Hunter's Skill

Upon the sun-kissed isle of Elysium, the Green Wardens stand as stewards of nature's bounty and skilled hunters, ensuring the well-being of their demigod community.

Respecting the Cycle:

 We honor the natural cycle of life, death, and renewal. We harvest with gratitude, ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Sharing the Harvest:

The fruits of our labor nourish the island community, fostering interdependence and shared prosperity. No demigod shall go hungry while bounty blooms.

Maintaining Balance:

We understand the delicate balance of the island's ecosystem. Our actions preserve harmony between flora and fauna, ensuring a thriving natural world.

Honing the Hunt

We train in the art of the hunt, respecting the prey and ensuring swift, humane takedowns. Our skills provide sustenance while minimizing harm.

Teaching Through Tradition:

Knowledge of the land and its bounty is passed down through generations. Apprentices learn from experienced Wardens, ensuring wisdom endures.

Protecting the Sacred Groves

Certain areas on the island hold deep spiritual significance. We safeguard these sacred spaces, ensuring their purity and honoring their connection to the divine.

Feasts of Gratitude

Regular celebrations honor the land's gifts and the skills of the  Wardens. Sharing food, stories, and songs strengthens community bonds.

Trials of Prowess

Young demigods seeking to join the Wardens undertake tests of skill, proving their respect for nature, understanding of the hunt, and ability to contribute to the community.

Innovation and Adaptation:

Collaboration with Others

While respecting tradition, we are open to new methods that ensure the island's well-being and adapt to changing circumstances.

We acknowledge the interdependence of life and collaborate with other demigod groups on the island, ensuring mutual respect and shared responsibility.

Traditions and Rituals for the Green Wardens: Embracing Nature's Bounty

Under the watchful gaze of Apollo, the Green Wardens foster life and harvest with mindful hands. Their traditions and rituals celebrate nature's bounty, honor the hunt, and bind them to the island they protect.

Honoring the Land:

  • Sunrise Blessings: Each morning begins with a communal gathering overlooking the rising sun. Offerings of fruits, seeds, and prayers express gratitude for the land's blessings.

  • The Planting Festival: A spring celebration where demigods sow seeds and dedicate them to specific deities, praying for a fruitful harvest.

  • The Green Equinox: A solemn ceremony marking the changing seasons, offering symbolic sacrifices (seeds, animal hides) to ensure balance and renewal.

Celebrating the Hunt:

  • Trials of the Hunt: Young demigods participate in simulated hunts, demonstrating their tracking skills, respect for prey, and proficiency in weapons crafted from natural materials.

  • Feast of the Moon Hunt: Under the full moon, the community gathers for a celebratory hunt, honoring Diana and Artemis. The first felled prey is shared among all, symbolizing community and respect for the sacrifice.

  • Carving Ceremonies: After a successful hunt, demigods carve symbols of gratitude and respect onto the hide of the animal, acknowledging its life and honoring its sacrifice.

Sharing and Community:

  • The Harvest Offering: A portion of each harvest is donated to a central storehouse, ensuring all have access to food and resources.

  • Bartering Festivals: Regular gatherings facilitate exchanges between the Green Wardens and other demigod groups, fostering collaboration and community spirit.

  • The Moonlit Banquet: Under the stars, demigods share stories, songs, and dances inspired by nature, celebrating their connection to the land and each other.

Additional Touches:

Sacred Groves: Specific areas hold mystical significance. Demigods perform rituals and seek guidance within these spaces, connecting with the spirits of the land. The Heart of the Island and the Elysian Torch are two of these locations.

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