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Character Origins


There are multiple ways to begin your IC journey on the Island of Elysium!  There are two categories of Demi-Gods, Claimed and Unclaimed. Likewise, there are three places to start: Resident, New Arrival and Rescuee.




Here, the term “Claimed” refers to the idea that your godly parent has recognized you and you have been given your powers. Thus, your character is already familiar with the divine world.


Characters who were born in a way other than from a human woman will generally be Claimed already. So if you were sculpted for clay or sneezed out of your god, you would be Claimed. If Aphrodite gifted you to a lover, you probably know you are Aphrodite’s child.


 When you begin as a Claimed Demi-God, you can fill out your application with your god, purviews, epic attributes and knacks already chosen.  You should have a bit of history on how you became claimed on your application.


 Claimed Demi-Gods will primarily begin as Residents or New Arrivals. Explanations will follow.




When one is “Unclaimed” it means that while they have ichor and are recognized as being a demi-god, their powers haven’t yet awoken, nor has their godly parent recognized them. 


When you begin as one of the Unclaimed, your application stats will be as if you are human (albeit a pretty good one).  You will then give us a list of three potential “parents” of yours, or leave it up to us. You are free to give us some notes about where you would like your character to go, or a pantheon you would prefer to be in. We will also look at your skills and the way your character is played to come to the decision. 


After some time on the island, your god will claim you. You might not meet them, but there will be a sign. At this time, OOC you can continue your character sheet with their powers. Unclaimed will usually begin as New Arrivals or as Rescuees. Explanations will follow.




Quite simply, Residents are people who are already living on the island and somewhat established. Maybe they’ve just been busy as of late, or they had a bad lotus habit, or they’ve not really been on the social scene lately. Either way, they are already about and can begin to RP immediately after approval.


Claimed Demigods are usually Residents.

Unclaimed are very rarely established Established Residents

 Centaurs and Satyrs are always native Residents. 


New Arrivals:


New Arrivals are people who have just arrived by sea or air to Elysium.


 Claimed Demi-Gods may have been living out on their own but have finally come to live with the community. They likely know what House they are heading towards, as all Demi-Gods must belong to one to stay in town.


Unclaimed Demi-Gods will have been Rescuees, but OOC did not wish to be part of a rescue scene. As such, they may be given some details about what occurred on their rescue, or they may specify the details on their application. New Arrivals will be able to start their RP immediately after approval, and can find someone to help them settle into Wayfinder house.





Rescuees are nearly always Unclaimed Demi-Gods who have yet to realize their potential. They cannot begin RPing on the sim right away. So what is the appeal of starting the game as a Rescuee?


Rescuees get the benefit of starting with an exciting beginning to their life as a Demi-God. They might have been kidnapped by Titanspawn or some other villain, or are currently under attack. A band of Demi-Gods from Elysium arrive to save them, and the adventure begins!


Every two weeks or so (sometimes more often, sometimes a little less often, depending on schedules) there will be a Storyteller ran  scene scheduled, where a band of established characters head off of the island to rescue the Demi-Gods in peril! 


This will start you off with instant connections with the people involved in your rescue, introduce you to the setting and system, and give you some stories to tell and ask about when you get to town!


Provided they don’t need to go to the infirmary, Rescuees will be led to House Wayfarer to become acquainted with the island once they’re settled in.



- If you are a NEW Arrival (Not a rescuee or someone who has lived on the island for at least a year), you MUST contact Georgia Coleman to arrange to go through the  intake process. You have two weeks from the date of approval to do this. (You can do it via discord). Newly arriving Demigods would be familiar with this process and understand that, while it might be annoying, it is still necessary for everyone's safety. [ NOTE: NOT doing so will have unpleasant results IC ]


- If you are a NEW PLAYER, but NOT a NEW ARRIVAL (Meaning you have been here for over a year) You need to reach out to Phillipus (TOSCAJARVIS) /AND/ your House leader with the following information.


Character Name:



[ Notes: It is assumed you are mentally and physically sound or you would not have been allowed to be claimed. Failure to do so within two weeks of arrival will have IC consequences ]


- If you are an Unclaimed currently on the island, or a new Rescuee, you MUST contact Liv Zadark and you MUST report to Sidhe de Fae (Head of House Wayfinder). ALL new arrivals MUST undergo an Intake, failure to do so will result in your character not being claimed by a god. [NOTE: Unclaimed are effectively mortal and mortals may not remain on the Island. Failure to comply with the process IC will have IC consequences]




- Intake is ICly meant to ensure a character's ability to perform the necessary duties of being a Demigod. Our world is a world at war with ancient and powerful beings of destruction and devastation. Rebels and those who do not wish to be part of the society will not be allowed to be claimed and will eventually be mind wiped and sent back to the mortal world-- Unfortunately they still have divine blood and will likely be hunted down and killed by Titanspawn.  AS HAS BEEN STATED - You have TWO WEEKS to do so OOCly. If there is some reason you cannot do so, or cannot be online to do so, make a point to let us know. If we do not hear from you, that is on you. 


- The Intake process is designed to give each new arrival individual RP, the opportunity to meet a number of House Leaders and attention AND provide an opportunity for them to make contacts IC. We cannot effectively give you a god that suits your character, or assign you to a house if you are not out and RPing. This is an Integral part of the sim and is non-negotiable. 


Intake Steps:


1) Upon Arrival you will be brought to Wayfinder House and assigned a bed. Please keep in mind that a) If you are a rescuee, the rescue scene was likely long and rescuers may be tired. Understand that, in that case, you'll be shown the house, or given a TP to it, and should assume that you were assigned a bed. This does NOT excuse you from introducing yourself to Sidhe de Fae, the head of Wayfinder House as soon as you can. [ We recommend reaching out to arrange RP on the Wayfinder House chat ] b) if you have come in as Unclaimed (Chosen not to have a Rescue scene) You are still responsible for going to House Wayfinder, claiming a bed and contacting the head of house. There is a LM giver in the landing zone that will give you TPs for all the houses on the Island. You are also responsible for reaching out to the Head of House Sidhe de Fae and can do so on the Wayfinder House chat on Discord.


ONCE THIS HAS BEEN DONE the process is as follows:


1) Check in at Wayfinder with Head of House - Pegasi Sidhe de Fae (loriloveslore resident)


2) Initial interview - Liv Zadark (Liv Zadark), Nightwhisper of Hellhouse.


3) Physical - Caireen (Caireenarianrhod Resident), Mother of Hearthstone.


4) Dietary requirements and/or physical needs - Graeme Sinclair (Aerik Northman), Greenman of House Verdant


5) Spiritual Intake - Anya Moretti, Hierophant of House Enigma


6) Mental Health Assessment - Emerys Thedi (andsbraintoo resident) Voice of House Romance


7) Combat Skill assessment and Training - Jona Carnell (Jona Carnell) Trainer for House Unbroken


8) Laws and expectations - Princeps Senatus Philippus Apollinis (ToscaJarvis)


Be AWARE missing any of these steps will result in your character not being allowed to progress to being claimed by their gods. Again, these are necessary steps implemented to ensure the IC safety of the Island and its residents and to provide RP for new arrivals.

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