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Modern technology works on the island. Demi-god powers do not interfere with it on a normal basis unless someone is using one of the Purviews to do so. However, it is all monitored to ensure no mutiny or insurrection.


Communication on and off the island is handled by the Hermes Network which is managed and screened by Wayfinder and Emberhaven houses. This applies to handwritten letters, notes, and memos that need to be sent, but also any digital communication such as emails, texts, or video messages. This is the only way to send these messages, since the Hermes Network uses sophisticated technology to bounce the signal between several VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) across the globe, making the signals impossible to trace by the various Titanspawn. Anyone seeking to bypass these measures is seen as a traitor to the demi-gods and gods and is dealt with harshly.


Online shopping is allowed as well, and such sites as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are able to be ordered from. The packages are sent to an off-island drop-off and then retrieved by the Wayfinder house after inspection to be brought to the island. Nothing is shipped to the island that does not go through an inspection process. The orders are also screened through the Hermes Network to ensure nothing dangerous finds its way onto the island without prior approval. This includes but is not limited to guns, ammo, and explosives.


For those demi-gods who still have family off the island and which to have video messages with them like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, there is a spot set up on the island for them to have these that will hide the fact they are on an island by placing a background behind them of some neutral spot that is near impossible to detect as fake. If any demi-gods attempt to use video messaging outside of this designated area will discover that the transmission won’t go through.

Thanks to the magic of the island, all mortal languages spoken, or written on the island are translated into the speaker's native language. This is to help with communication between the demi-gods that come from various parts of the world. This means that if you are speaking a foreign language in public then everyone is going to understand what you mean. Thai also means if you write a note or letter in a foreign language others will be able to read it so long as they are on the island.

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