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Long before humanity was a thought, long before the gods themselves were brought into existence, there was the Void, an expanse of nothingness populated by beings of pure thought, raw power, and unbridled emotion, the Titans. Eternity stretched before and behind them, time had no meaning in the Void, and yet, the Titans found themselves growing bored. To fill the nothingness that was their existence theTitans brought the gods of the world into being, shining beings given providence over some small part of a thought that was but a whisper of the power the Titans truly held. And for a time, the Void was more interesting than it had been. 


Time, however, is not constant within the expanse of the Void, it is impossible to say if it was billions of years, or barely a blink before the newly created gods grew bored. And when the moments had passed, the gods had brought creations of their own into being. Thought had meaning, emotion had purview, creation was key and suddenly where there had been nothing, the Void was teaming with life. Planets and stars filled what was once nothing, comets, constellations, and gasses… and upon one of them, the gods brought their own children into existence. And with it all. Time.


Gaia, Midgard, Hou Tu, Damballa, Earth came into being and with it…..


Rivers, forests, and oceans, all teaming with life were brought into existence, animals both mundane and fantastical filled the planet that the Children of the Titans claimed as their own. And then, humanity was breathed into existence and given thought. With thought came art and science, war and peace, love and hate, life and death, and each of the Children of the Titans had a hand in their birth and claimed providence over what they had wrought. 


But as the Void grew and expanded, as the energy of Creation filled space that had known nothing but for so long, the Titans began to stir and hunger. And as the earth swelled with life and creation, as mankind rose to build vast cities and kingdoms? These newly born beings gave thanks and praise for what they had been given to those who had given it to them. And the power of the gods, so recently, or so long, considered ‘children’ began to swell.


And the Titans’ hunger grew. 


It grew to the point that without warning they turned on that which they had created and what was barely a whisper became a scream as the gods were consumed. Lost to the deepest parts of the Void, the children of the gods, the very fiber of all that they had created released a great and terrible wail. And, for what was either moments or millennia, creation began to fall apart. Stars died, planets vanished and the cities of men began to crumble and decay.


And the gods wept. For while they had been consumed by their parents, energy can neither be created, nor destroyed and the power they had been given and gathered remained. But it was the power of mankind, the power of prayer and plea that fed them. Even in the ‘Belly of the Void’ they felt that swell and it gave them strength. Strength enough that they burst free from their destruction, binding their parents, the Titans, in a place outside of thought. A place where they could no longer destroy that which they had wrought, or that which children had brought into being.


For millions of years, man and the gods lived without the presence of the Titans. Faith fed the gods and gods fed the dreams and thoughts of man until the world, itself, was teeming with invention, art, philosophy, medicine, and, of course, war. To say the world was a peaceful place would be the worst sort of lie, however. Mankind strove to destroy one another, to take that which their neighbor had built or claimed as their own. But they did it in the name of their gods and for a time, life was good.


It has been suggested that, perhaps, the gods gave man too much. Will is all well and good until it is turned upon the creators. And in time, man came to resent the presence of the gods. Or, at least, those men who were born of ambition and greed. And as their societies grew and flourished, man, through the guise of science, began to take from the gods, reclaiming but a small measure of the power for themselves. Science, which had once been a symbol of creation and the gifts bestowed upon man, was turned into a weapon to disprove the presence and impact of the gods upon creation. 


And slowly, over time, faith began to dwindle, and the prayers to the gods which had once rung out on a constant basis slowed and quieted. And man, in his arrogance, thought to replace their creators with a creation born of their own being. Monotheism rose up around the world, placing men in the roles of gods, taking that power of creation into their own hands heedless of the fact that they had not been born to wield it. And for a time, the gods faded into the deepest recess of the human mind. They were there, but at that time, they were silent.


With the power of the gods dwindling, the Titans began to stir, testing at the bonds of their prison with the intent to escape and punish the creations that had disturbed the Void and locked them away. Slowly, over the course of centuries, they found cracks. Cracks large enough to allow them to whisper into the minds of man, subtly working to turn them against their creators. With promises of power immeasurable whispered into the minds of man, cults arose dedicated to these ancient beings, feeding them power as they had once fed power to the gods. 


In order to combat the influence of their parents, the gods began breeding with mortals, creating beings that could both fight in the war that they knew was coming and grant them power in the form of faith, as well. The Demigods were born, some brought into existence from stone and steel and gifted with divine ichor, some born of the joining humanity and god, and turned their attentions toward riding the world of those who would stand against their parents and seek the destruction of all. To counter the presence of the children of the gods, theTitan’s exerted their influence over those in their sway. Rather than create demigods, however, they breathed life into monstrosities, twisting that which their children had made into monsters of horrible power. 


And so the war was joined in truth, the world subject to the clash of creatures that were forever shielded from their sight. Veiled from the sight of man, the Titanspawn sought out the children of the gods, seeking them in the womb, the cradle, the arms of their mothers. The gods, in their own arrogance, had turned their faces from their young, believing them unworthy of protection or recognition until they had proven themselves. And the demigods died in great numbers, the Titanspawn thinking nothing of bombing schools or cities, thinking nothing of killing thousands in pursuit of that one being that might, one day, earn the attention of the gods and be raised up to stand against them. 


So effective were the Titanspawn in their slaughter that the gods realized that if they did not act to protect their young, they would be unable to stand against the monsters that were coming and all that they had created, all that they had dreamed into being, would be destroyed. And so the gods came together, creating havens around the world where the Demigods could be taken, taught the truth of what they are, and trained to fight to protect the world in which all of them resided. To each island a god was sent to preside over their children and use their own power to keep them shielded from humanity, and Titan, alike. With the gods, were sent to care for the young, Centaur and Satyr, creatures that had proven themselves true and worthy to teach and protect the young. 


Within the bounds of these sanctuaries, the Fates would warn the priests and seers of new Demigods being hunted by the Titanspawn. To those who dwelled within safety would fall the responsibility of gathering up their siblings, saving as many of them as possible from the claws of the Titanspawn. Those who dwelled within safety would also fall into the task of traveling to those places where Titanspawn crept into creation and destroyed them. Many who left for such purposes did not return. And of those who did, some eventually found themselves drawn up into the world of their parents, gods made manifest, themselves. 


[ Our story takes place on Elysium, an Island Sanctuary hidden amongst the Greek Isles and shrouded from detection by the god Apollo. Missions to save their brethren and combat the Titanspawn will take players off the island in moderated scenes run by dedicated storytellers. ]




Elysium is an island that was created long ago to train and house the children of the gods safely. Overseen by the god Apollo, he ensures that the island remains hidden from mortal eyes and the monsters that plague mankind and hunt the demi-gods. It has lasted throughout the ages, with new generations of demi-gods coming to the island and bringing with them the current world. This has created a city in which the old meets the new and ancient traditions mix with modern sensibility. Upon Elysium, a blacksmith could reside next to an arcade, or a candlemaker next to a bustling beauty parlor. 


Now a new generation of demi-gods is coming to the island. Sent there by their parents for training or saved by the demi-gods who already live on the island, they live and train to combat the monsters or help save other demi-gods and bring them to the safe haven that is Elysium.


Some demi-gods come to the island unclaimed by their divine parents. These are housed in Wayfinder house until such time as they are claimed. All demi-gods can sense each other by the divine ichor in their blood, although they can’t tell what divine parent they are from. Even before a demi-god is claimed he starts his training with basic combat skills, and can take up other subjects like blacksmithing, gardening, or any of the other skills and talents taught by one of the eleven Divine Houses. Once a demi-god is claimed and their purviews revealed to them, they then seek to join the House that they are most suited to.


Those in each House are bound by the purviews of their gods, and gods of all pantheons seem to have joined together in the fight for survival. While it is uncertain whether or not the various pantheons shall go to war with one another one day, right now it is clear that they must be allies for their own good. 


Out in the mortal world, there is no need to hide their powers as mortals can not see them for what they are. Thanks to a magic called the Veil, mortal minds will come up with a rather mundane and natural way to explain anything they see. And thus, from Elysium, bands of Demi-Gods (also referred to as Scions) travel to quest and gain honor and reputation, but also to save their brethren and defeat the Titanspawn that threaten their very existence.


 At home, they need only survive each other and the wrath of Apollo, though the island is constantly sought after by those who would do them harm.

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