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Love Love, Love.



Current Leader/ Point of Contact: 



Voice: (Leader) Jude Finch  (roleplay.enthusiast)

Heart:(Second) (open)


Uppercity next to the bathhouse


Artistry, Beauty and Passion

Houses these types

The Popular Kids, Hopeless Romantics, Poets, Beauty Gurus, Beauty Queens, Adonises, Aesthetes, Courtesans, Sirens, Fashion Models, Relationship Advisors, Sorority Girls, People who like Pink Way Too Much, Matchmakers, The Constantly Lovestruck, The Passionate, Sluts, Hunks, Balladeers. Divas, The Vain, The Provocative, Dominants, Submissives, The Avant Garde, Drag Queens, Trendsetters, and People Who Just Smell Good?


Casanova Club

 The Stupid Cupids


(Children of these gods tend go in this house, but many gods have children in more than one house)

Businesses / Duties of the House:


Beauty Parlor


Massage Therapist

Life Coach




The House of Romance is full of demigods who have the purviews of beauty and passion. The prettiest (and sometimes the pettiest) people tend to hail from this house, and if you’re lucky, they’ll share their gifts of beauty and romantic (or sexual) prowess with you. For a price. The House of Romance often hosts speed dating and matchmaking activities, but it’s also the place to go if you want to petition the gods to help you with your romantic affairs but don’t know where to start.


There is quite a bit of rivalry between the House of Romance and the House of Revelry, though they agree that some from both houses are necessary for a spectacular party. Still, they have a lot of competitions, from beauty contests (golden apple anyone?) to drag shows and ballroom showdowns, to battles of the bands. 

The Code of Aphrodite

Respect the Cycle

We honor the ebb and flow of life, understanding that love and fertility are intertwined with creation, growth, and renewal.

Consent is Paramount

Love and procreation are acts of free will, and consent must be freely given and respected at all times.

Embrace Diversity

 Love knows no bounds, and we celebrate the many forms it takes, regardless of gender, orientation, or lineage

Nurture the Young

We are protectors and guides for the young, fostering their emotional and physical well-being as they blossom into their own unique selves.

Balance is Key

We strive for harmony between passion and responsibility, understanding that love without commitment can have unintended consequences.

Healing Broken Hearts

We offer solace and support to those who have experienced heartbreak or loss, guiding them towards emotional healing and self-discovery.

Community Matters

We are stronger together, and we support each other through life's challenges, celebrating triumphs and offering compassion during difficult times.

Nature's Gifts

We respect and protect the natural world, recognizing its role in sustaining life and fostering love and fertility.

Open Communication

We value honest and open communication, believing that clear dialogue fosters trust and strengthens relationships.

Continuous Growth

We are committed to personal and collective growth, learning from our experiences and evolving as individuals and as a community.

The Code of Eros

While exploring the darker desires of the soul can be a compelling narrative path, it's important to navigate this territory with responsibility and respect for boundaries. Remember, even "deviant" behavior falls under the umbrella of consent and shouldn't promote harm or objectification. 

The Pact of Shadows:

Desire and Responsibility:

  1. Consent Above All: Our desires hold power, but so does respect. We seek pleasure and liberation, but never at the expense of another's free will. Every interaction shall be governed by explicit and enthusiastic consent.

  2. Breaking Chains, Not Building Them: We challenge societal norms and explore the depths of pleasure, but never to define or demean others. We celebrate diversity and empower individuals to embrace their true selves.

  3. Honesty in Darkness: We acknowledge the shadow within, but we do not dwell in its deceit. We are open and honest in our desires, fostering trust and vulnerability within the community.

Wrath and Redemption:

  1. Fury Tempered by Wisdom: We acknowledge the righteous anger that burns within, but we control its flames. Our wrath is directed towards injustice, not targeted at the innocent or used for personal gain.

  2. Seeking Justice, Not Vengeance: We fight for what is right, but we do not revel in destruction. We punish the wicked, but offer redemption when genuine remorse is shown.

  3. Forgiveness, Not Forgetfulness: We remember the wrongs done, but we choose to heal and move forward. Our anger fuels action, but forgiveness frees us from its chains.

Violence and Self-Control:

  1. Power with Purpose: We wield our strength cautiously, aware of the devastation it can inflict. We use violence only as a last resort, in defense of the innocent or against those who embrace cruelty.

  2. Mind Over Muscle: We train not just our bodies but also our minds, mastering self-control and channeling our urges into purpose rather than blind rage.

  3. Healing the Wounds: We acknowledge the scars left by violence, both physical and emotional. We offer support and healing to those who have suffered, ourselves included.

Community and Connection:

  1. Darkness Shared is Darkness Diminished: We gather in the shadows, not for secrecy, but for understanding and support. We share our experiences, fears, and desires, forming a community of strength and acceptance.

  2. Lifting Each Other Up: We celebrate individual expression but remember the strength in unity. We aid one another in navigating the darker paths, ensuring no one walks them alone.

  3. The Light Within the Shadow: We embrace the darkness within, but we never lose sight of the potential for compassion and light. We strive to create a world where even the darkest desires can lead to growth, healing, and positive change.

Traditions and Ritual for Children of Eros

Traditions and Rituals for the Children of Aphrodite

Rituals and Traditions for Demigods of Passion and Power:
While navigating themes of erotic love, wrath, and violence requires sensitivity, these elements can be explored in a way that celebrates passion, self-expression, and personal empowerment, all while upholding respect and responsibility. 


Honoring Desire

The Rite of Awakening: As demigods come of age, they participate in a solo ritual exploring their desires and boundaries.Guided by mentors, they use meditation, movement, and introspective exercises to understand their unique expression of passion.

Festival of Joy: A vibrant celebration honoring all forms of consensual love and pleasure. Through dance, music, and artistic expression, demigods celebrate the beauty and power of desire in a safe and inclusive space.

Whispers of Consent: Before any intimate encounter, participants engage in a ritualized exchange of tokens or phrases, reaffirming their understanding and enthusiastic consent. This reinforces open communication and mutual respect.

Channeling Wrath:

The Forge of Righteous Fury: Through controlled physical exertion and focused meditation, demigods learn to channel their anger into a force for good.This ritual helps them harness their emotions without succumbing to destructive rage.

Trials of Justice: Mock battles and debates test the demigods' ability to discern true injustice and respond with measured action.They learn to wield their wrath strategically, seeking solutions rather than blind retribution.

The Cleansing Flame: After experiencing strong emotions, demigods gather around a bonfire, sharing their experiences and releasing negativity through symbolic offerings to the flames.This promotes emotional healing and fosters community support.

Embracing Strength:

The Dance of Blades: A ritualized combat practice using blunted weapons, emphasizing control, precision, and respect for one's opponent. This hones their skills while teaching them the responsibility that comes with power.


The Test of Courage: Demigods undertake solo challenges that push them to their physical and mental limits, teaching them resilience, self-reliance, and the importance of calculated risk-taking.

The Offering of Strength: When using their strength to protect others, demigods make a symbolic offering, acknowledging the weight of their actions and vowing to use their power ethically.


Community and Growth

The Circle of Shared Stories: Under the cloak of night, demigods gather to share their experiences, both joyful and dark, without judgment.This fosters vulnerability, trust, and understanding within the community.

The Masks of Truth: During roleplaying scenarios, demigods explore difficult situations and ethical dilemmas, learning from each other's perspectives and developing their own moral compass.

The Path of Transformation: Each year, demigods embark on a solo pilgrimage to reflect on their growth, challenges, and aspirations.This journey helps them integrate their darker aspects into a well-rounded and responsible individual.



Honoring the Multifaceted Power of Love:

  • The Tapestry of Hearts: Every year, demigods create a communal tapestry, weaving strands of various colors and textures to represent different forms of love (romantic, platonic, familial, etc.). This celebrates love's diversity and fosters understanding and acceptance.

  • Festival of Blossoms: A vibrant celebration of springtime and new beginnings, symbolizing love's ability to bring life and joy. Filled with music, dance, and poetry, it emphasizes the beauty of connection and self-expression.

  • The Gift of Kindness: A daily ritual where demigods exchange small gestures of kindness towards others, recognizing the beauty in everyday acts of love and compassion.

Cultivating Inner and Outer Beauty:

  • The Mirror of Self: Each full moon, demigods engage in introspective meditation, reflecting on their inner qualities and how they cultivate their own sense of beauty and worth. This fosters self-love and acceptance.

  • The Dance of Transformation: A flowing, expressive dance performed individually or in groups, emphasizing the beauty of movement and the connection between physical expression and inner well-being.

  • The Garden of Creation: A collaborative project where demigods tend a communal garden, nurturing life and beauty while learning the value of patience, care, and collaboration.

Spreading Love and Joy:

  • The Song of Sharing: When learning a new skill or experiencing joy, demigods share it with others through teaching, storytelling, or artistic expression, spreading their joy and fostering connection.

  • The Ritual of Reconciliation: When conflict arises, demigods engage in a structured conversation guided by principles of empathy and respect, seeking understanding and reconciliation rather than holding onto negativity.

  • The Blessing of Departures: When a demigod leaves the community, they receive a personalized blessing focused on their inner beauty and strength, reminding them to carry love and joy wherever they go.

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