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Embrace the Ecstasy.



The EMCEE: (Leader) Eric Hyland (

The Ecstasy: (Second in Command)  Kit Caldwell (celestialwreckage)


The Underworld


Chaos, Artistry, Illusion, Deception, Animal

Houses these types

Partiers, Weirdos, The Chaotic Sorts, The Insane, The Terminally Ecstatic, Ravers, Drug Dealers, Lotus Eaters, Gamblers, People who Order Pancakes at 3AM, Drunks, Hippies, Tricksters, Grifters, Thieves, Pranksters, Illusionists, Theater Kids, Genderbenders, Drag Queens, Gurus, Mummers.


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Revelry, one must have at least on of the following Purviews; Chaos, Artistry, Illusion, Deception, Animal) Dionysus, Loki, Tlazolteotl, Sun Wu Kong, Coyote, Kaifu, Anasi, Eris, Pan, Napi, Ukemochi, Uzume, Ganesha,


The Chaos Crew

The Mythical Messmakers

 Those Drunks

Businesses / Duties of the House:

  • Entertainment: While there are excellent performance artists among all of the Houses (particularly Paragon and Romance), it is the House of Revelry who is charged with keeping merriment alive on the island, even during desperate times. Mostly, this involves party planning, joyful performances, harmless pranks, and lots of intoxicants. Many outside the House think this is a superfluous, maybe even silly duty, but the House of Revelry takes its role very seriously.

  • The Marvelous Show Theatre: A very small stage where Revelers often perform anything from stand up comedy, magic (stage or purview based), two to three man skits, music, so on and so forth. They are paid only in donations, ten percent of which they tithe to the House of Revelry.  They allow others to use the stage as well, provided that they are not currently Shunned by the House, and that they also pay a twenty percent fee to the House for its use.

  • Club Infernus: a 24 hour Dance Club and Opium Den that serves as the landing place between Upper Elysium and Lower.


The House of Revelry, also known as the Eternal Party, is the House for those Demigods who embrace Madness, Chaos, Trickery and Good Times. Seen as the “least serious” of all houses, House of Revelry can sometimes be troublemakers, but are generally good natured stoners, artists and thieves who just want to have a good time.


No Outside Arms in the Common Room

While members of the House may keep their weapons upstairs in their personal effects, most keep them stored at the entrance, where there is always a mostly-sober Reveler or hired hand keeping watch over them. All others entering must relinquish their weapons at the door, to be stored until they exit. In exchange for this, anyone giving up a weapon may have a free shot of their choosing at the House bar. 


Weapons that are left for more than a week are claimed by the House, redistributed or sold.

The Divinity of Madness

If a Reveler can cause a little chaos in a place where there’s far too much order, it’s their responsibility to do so. Think of the time and place, however, as well as the Law of Accountability.

Keep the Party Going:

There should always be music, dancing, performances or partaking of sacred (ie. ANY) intoxicants in the common room at all times. Guests are generally welcome except during house meetings, during which they need to be invited.

We ARE the Party

No one shall throw a party, fete, celebration, festival, pageant, non-military parade or bake sale, public or private, without first consulting a member of the House of Revelry. This can be as small as asking for advice about catering, or as large as asking them to organize the whole of the party.  The Reveler does not have to agree to help to fulfill the requirement, as really, we just want to be asked.

If someone DOES have one of the aforementioned events without first consulting someone of the House, the House shall Shun them, banning them from all future parties, Club Infernus (which can make it difficult to enter and exit the underworld) and sales of mind altering substances. 

The Law of Good Spirit:

While pranks and fun are one of the cornerstones of the House of Revelry, so is the idea of Mirth. Any prank, teasing or artistic expression regarding another must be in good spirits. The best pranks are those where all involved, including the victim, can laugh. The prankster should make themselves the butt of the joke, rather than the other way around, and a culture of resentment and cruelty is the antithesis of Revelry’s goals.

You do not destroy the life’s work of an artistically inclined Scion, nor do you seek to injure them in the name of “fun.” 

Law of Accountability

Pursuing joy and madness are wonderful things, but they do not absolve one of guilt for actions done. If you slap a member of House Unbroken for no reason, no one will defend you when they punch you back. If you call someone from the House of Romance “ugly”, don’t complain about being cursed afterward. One who is found to constantly complain about the consequences of their own actions may find themselves punished, perhaps even expelled from the House.

Embrace the Ecstasy

 Members actively seek out and participate in experiences that induce joy, revelry, and altered states of consciousness. This could include anything from dancing and drinking to artistic expression and psychedelic exploration.

 For those of the Trickster persuasion, it could be something like an illusion or pulling off a particularly good prank.

 If one is having trouble doing any of those, they can seek out the second in command of the group, called The Ecstasy, and give them a hug.

 If one does not seek out “Ecstasy” at least once a day, they are thought to be slacking in their reverence of the House.

Law of Hospitality

Provided that a guest hasn’t been an asshole, those who have overindulged may stay the night in the Quiet Room, or partake in the Cup of Sobriety.  No one will steal from a guest while they are passed out.  Or, if you do, don’t get caught.

Rituals and Traditions

Additional Touches:

The Cup of Sobriety: Considered by its owner to be the worst gift ever bestowed upon him, Kit Caldwell keeps his Cup of Sobriety in the Quiet Room of the House of Revelry. One drink from this cup purges one of all non-magical intoxicating substances, sobering them up almost immediately. 


It is most commonly used when one must be of sound mind (like when one has to go to work), but some use it to escape a bad trip and start a fresh one. A person may use it as necessary, but they’re requested to wash it afterwards, ever since someone with a magical affliction infected the whole of the house. Currently, it is enchanted so that it cannot leave the House of Revelry unless it is on Kit Caldwell’s person.


The Cup of Sobriety does not work on poisons.


Game Room: In the House of Revelry, there is a mini-casino for those who want to test their luck. Revelers are not allowed to play on IOUs or bet House property, but outsiders can bet whatever they want, as long as all players find it acceptable. 

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