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Above the Rest



Current Leader/ Point of Contact:  Phillipus Metellus



Voice of Dawn: (Leader) Phillipus Metellus -  Princeps Senatus (Toscajarvis) 

Corona: (Second): Open


Overlooking the Heart of the Island, overlooked by The House on The Rock


(these can be in more than one House.) Sun, Moon, Star, Health, Guardian, order, sky

Houses these types

Leaders, Aristocrats, Virtuosos, Divine Nobility, Scholars, Snobs, Sky Worshippers, Starry Eyed Waifs, The Elegant, The Stormy, Artistic Souls, The Elite, Classically Trained Artists, Intensely Committed Dancers, The Very Serious, Expert Chefs, Strategists, Sycophants, Politicians.


The Starstruck

The Windbag Club

The Bitches of Apollo


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Paragon, one must have at least on of the following Purviews; Sun, Moon, Star, Health, Guardian) Apollo, Baldur, Odin, Thor, Amartersu, Izanagi, Raiden, Tsuki-yomi, Tlaloc, Chang-e, Fuxi, Hou-yi, Nezha, Surya, Zeus, Pah, Taiowl, Damballa, Shango, Atum-re, Imhotep, Dazhbog, Zorya, Dian cecht, Nuada, Mah, Mithra, Tish Trya, Vanu

Businesses / Duties of the House:

The head of House Paragon stands as the Princeps Senatus for the Island.




Senatorial rule of the Island


Security for the   the Island alongside House Unbroken


Temple of the Gods alongside House Enigma


A member of House Paragon is chosen to serve Apollo each Week.


Reports on the status of the island, Mission success and failure Senatorial activity, events and happenings delivered to Apollo.


This house is held to insanely high standards, as it is always under the watchful eye of Apollo. They serve him directly, generally in the form of bringing his meals up to his home or performing for him and his current companion. When a House is falling out of step with Apollo’s expectations, he generally chooses a member of House Paragon to go to right the ship. If a Paragon has a role in a misdeed, mischief or general naughtiness, they will likely suffer harsher punishments than anyone else involved.


The head of the Elysian Senate is always the leader of House Paragon, and there is a representative from House Paragon on the Strategic Council.

Spoils of War: Recovered artifacts deemed too dangerous for individual possession are entrusted to the island guardians, who safeguard them in a specially warded vault. House Paragon controls access to the Vault. Only the Princeps Senatus and Apollo know where it is located and how to enter safely.

Knowledge is Power: The Grand Archives houses scrolls and artifacts detailing Titan weaknesses, ancient magic, and historical accounts of past battles. Access is granted by decree of Princeps Senatus, (The Will of Apollo) or based on demonstrated responsibility and need. House Enigma are the caretakers of the Grand Archive and responsible for its security.

The Code of the Triluminary: Laws for the  Demigods of Apollo

Light in the Darkness:

We stand as bastions of hope and optimism, guiding the lost and strengthening the weary. We strive to banish despair and fear with the warmth of the sun, the calming glow of the moon, and the twinkling resilience of the stars.

Mending of Body and Soul:

We wield the arts of medicine and healing, tending to the physical and emotional wounds of those in need. Our touch eases pain, our wisdom soothes anxieties, and our music carries the power to mend fractured spirits.

Strength Through Harmony:

We celebrate the harmonious interplay of sun, moon, and stars, recognizing that unity empowers us all. We foster collaboration and understanding between diverse backgrounds, promoting a vibrant community spirit.

Artful Expression:

We honor the beauty of creation, finding inspiration in the celestial dance above. Through music, poetry, and visual arts, we weave stories that inspire, educate, and connect us to the divine.

Guardians of Demigods:

We serve as protectors of those vulnerable and lost, offering guidance and sanctuary under the watchful gaze of Apollo. We train them in self-defense, nurture their unique talents, and prepare them to face the threats of the Titans and their spawn.

Knowledge Above All:

We are ever-seekers of knowledge, delving into the mysteries of the natural world and the ancient texts. We share our wisdom freely, illuminating the path for others and fostering intellectual growth within the community.

Respect for Nature:

We recognize the intricate connection between ourselves and the island's ecosystem. We act as stewards of the land, respecting its delicate balance and preserving its bountiful resources.

Humility in Leadership:

 We acknowledge the inherent strengths and diverse perspectives within our ranks. Leadership roles are earned through wisdom, empathy, and dedication to the community, not through claims of superiority.

Balance in All Things:

We strive for harmony in all aspects of life, recognizing that extremes can lead to imbalance. We navigate challenges with measured action, tempering enthusiasm with reason and ambition with compassion.

Everlasting Vigilance:

We remain vigilant against the forces of darkness, ever prepared to defend the island and its inhabitants. We train tirelessly, hone our skills, and share intelligence to ensure the safety of all.

Rituals and Traditions

The Sun's Guidance: A Ritual of Supplication to Apollo

This ritual can be performed by anyone seeking the guidance of Apollo.


A sun-drenched meadow at dawn, or a clearing bathed in the midday sun. An offering stone or altar made of natural materials (wood, stone, etc.) is arranged with laurel branches, golden cloth, and a lyre (if available).


  • The demigod (centaur or satyr) seeking Apollo's favor

  • Optional: A trusted companion to play the lyre or sing hymns (if desired)


  • The supplicant fasts for 24 hours before the ritual, cleansing their body and mind.

  • They gather offerings: fruits and grains symbolizing abundance, a white cloth symbolizing purity, and a personal item representing their quest or desire.

The Ritual:

  1. Purification: As the first rays of dawn touch the earth, the supplicant washes their face and hands in clean water, reciting a prayer to cleanse their spirit.

  2. Invoking the Sun God: Facing east, the supplicant raises their arms towards the sun and chants:

Oh, Apollo, radiant lord of light and truth, Hear my plea on this dawning day. I stand before you, a humble supplicant, Seeking your guidance and favor in my way.

The Offering:

The supplicant places their offerings on the stone, each with a whispered dedication to Apollo:

Fruits of the earth, for your bounty and blessings, White cloth, for purity of heart and mind, (Personal item), for my purpose and desire, All I offer, seeking your light to find.

The Hymn:

If accompanied, the companion plays a lyre or sings a hymn praising Apollo's glory, wisdom, and music. The supplicant joins in, pouring their heart into the melody.

The Supplication:

Kneeling before the offering stone, the supplicant speaks their request clearly and honestly, stating their need for Apollo's guidance and outlining their quest or desire. They offer specific promises in return for his favor, such as acts of service, artistic creations, or personal growth.

The Oracle's Touch:

As the sun climbs higher, the supplicant closes their eyes and meditates, feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin. They listen intently for any signs from Apollo: a shift in the wind, a vision in their mind's eye, a word whispered on the breeze.

Gratitude and Closing:

After receiving their answer (or if no immediate answer comes), the supplicant expresses gratitude to Apollo for his time and consideration. They gather their offerings and depart, carrying the god's message in their heart.

Additional Notes:

  • This ritual can be adapted to fit the specific needs and cultural background of the supplicant.

  • The offerings can be modified based on what is available and meaningful to the individual.

  • The lyre or hymn is optional, but can add a powerful layer of connection to Apollo's musical domain.

  • The most important aspect of the ritual is sincerity and openness to receiving Apollo's guidance, even if it differs from what the supplicant expects.

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