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Every so often, there will be an off-island mission that players may take part in. At first, we will have these once every two weeks, but the frequency may change depending on multiple factors. These are not mandatory but can lead to exciting relic discoveries or advancements. However keep in mind, relics and advancement will not happen at every mission. But to get these you must take part in these missions.


These missions will consist of rescuing unclaimed Scions from various dangers which may at times include Titanspawns or other monsters. Some may just be fighting monsters or Titanspawn that threaten mortals. While others might be treks into various magical domains of the gods.  Some may be easier than others. Players will be notified in advance of what the next mission will be through their house leaders. There will be a limited number of players allowed per mission. This will be on a rotating basis. So if you were in the last group and there are those who were not they will be selected first. This is to allow everyone a chance to take part.


House leaders will meet at an appointed time to discuss the upcoming mission, gather what details are available, and plan the course of action so they can then go back to their houses and relay this information to those who wish to participate. Numbers will be limited, however, House leaders will be tasked with making sure that everyone who wants a turn, gets a turn. 


These missions will take place in skyboxes built especially for these missions. Please do not cheat and cam to the skyboxes for an earlier peek. This ruins the fun and surprises that storytellers work hard to create. At the appointed time those who wish to be part of the mission will be teleported to the starting point. We will create a posting order that will need to be followed to keep down confusion for players and the storyteller. If you have any questions about power, birthright, or knack you’d like to use but are unsure of, there will be staff there to help with those questions. Please do not flood the storyteller with questions as they are working to get the plot done so all may have fun.

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