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Unbound by land, united by tide.



Trident: (Leader) Isamu Ikeda, (ayjames22)


Conch: (Second)


The house on the beach near the docks


Water, Psychopomp, Frost

Houses these types

Seafarers, Olympic Swimmers, Surfers, Beach Bums, Sailors, Water Witches, Environmental Activists, Navigators, Border Patrol, Lifeguards, Fishermen, Fish Whisperers, Dockworkers


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Nautilus,  one must have at least on of the following Purviews; Water, Psychopomp, Frost) Susano, Ryujin, Poseidon, Nerrivk, Agwe, Mannan mac lir, Anahita, Njord


The Mermaids

 Seaweed Squad

Kraken Club, Team Salty

Businesses / Duties of the House:

  1. Overseeing the loading docks used to bring in goods as well as unclaimed

  2. In charge of all fishing

  3. Runs the hotdog food truck next to their house

  4. Helps guard the portal to the underworld

  5. Ensure that the beach and surrounding waters remain clean

  6. Manages the laundry mat


House Nautilus is the home of the seafaring god's children. These demi-gods tend to be more happy in the water than on land. They tend to be big supporters of ocean advocacy and education. They are the first voice listened to when dealing with missions on the water, and also in charge of ensuring the waters around the island remain safe.


Core Values

Respect for the Ocean:

Brotherhood and Camaraderie:

All members uphold the delicate balance of the ocean and its inhabitants. Activities promote understanding and sustainability.

Members treat each other with respect and support, fostering a strong and inclusive community.

Environmental Responsibility:

Personal Growth and Learning:

Actions demonstrate commitment to protecting the ocean, reducing harm, and advocating for positive change.

Members are encouraged to explore the wonders of the sea, expand their knowledge, and share it with others.

General Laws


Treat all members, marine life, and the environment with respect and care.


prioritize safety in all activities, following proper training and procedures.

Honesty and Integrity:

Uphold these values in all interactions and activities.


Support sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact.


Respect the privacy and trust of members and the fraternity.

Specific Laws

Respectful Conduct

Environmental Responsibility

No destruction of marine life or ecosystems, promoting awareness and conservation.

Bullying, harassment, or discrimination are strictly prohibited.

Responsible Exploration:

Ethical Funding and Activities

Transparency and Accountability:

Leadership is transparent, and members can raise concerns openly.

Fundraising aligns with the fraternity's values, avoiding harmful practices.

Follow regulations and guidelines for diving, boating, and other activities.

Rituals and Traditions

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