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Most of the living spaces on sim are communal, in the form of shared living spaces in one’s chosen House. The forms of these differ, some having bunks, others having nice fluffy beds. 


In House Revelry, there’s mostly a mess of pillows and blankets on the floor where everyone just kind of passes out. It’s a shared area, but we allow anyone who is currently living in a dorm to rez prims equal to 10 LI in their bed area to personalize their space.


However, they must be to theme and appropriate for the place, as well as nice quality. Leaders of each House get a personal area in their House, with prims equal to 50LI to spend on decorating it. After a certain amount of time or a show of commitment, the leaders of Houses, Businesses and such will have the opportunity to move into a larger house, particularly if they have other people who would be part of their household.


The prim allowance will be set when moving into one of these places. There are not a lot of these available, so you may have to be patient! If the leader of a House moves into a separate location, their designated second in command will have the opportunity to have a private bedroom within their House instead.


Every two weeks, we will have a resident “check in” on Discord. If you do not check in within a week’s period of time or give us prior notice of your unavailability that week, we will return your stuff. If you are checking in but do not appear to be present on the sim, well, that’s not very nice! And we’ll most likely be aware of what you’re doing. 

In Gods and Monsters: Elysium, we do not charge rent. Because of that, we expect people to be polite about their prim limits and the appearances of the homes they take. Please, keep a positive attitude. This is not a service we are providing, but a benefit to playing in our sim and driving RP. (

In the past, we have edited people’s homes to their liking, but this time, if you don’t like the house, please let someone else take it! We will not be changing out builds or editing them for residents unless there is a technical issue with the building.


We understand that creativity ebbs and flows, and many RPers are quick to jump towards the next shiny thing. Trust me, we know. If you plan on taking a break or have lost interest in your character, please be proactive and clean out their area so we can provide it to someone else.

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