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In the end, everyone comes to us.



Archon: Abd al Qadir (ephraim.sixpence)

Nightwhisperer: (Second) Open


The Underworld, past the House of Revelry. (You can enter the Underworld through the portal on the beach.)


Death, Darkness, Psychopomp

Houses these types

Dark Knights, Goths, Mediums, Assassins,  Edgelords, The Eternally Gloomy, Manic Depressives, Undertakers, Lurkers, Ghouls, The Guy Sitting in the Shadowy Corner of an RPG Tavern, Wheelers and Dealers, Bargain Hunters, The Clinically Depressed, Cat Burglars, Dark Artists, Introverts.


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Hellhouse one must have at least one of the following Purviews; Death, Darkness, Psychopomp,)  Hades, Thanatos, Hel, Izanami, Miclantecuhtli, Santa Muerte, Yanluo, Yama, Kali, Shiva, Tia, Baron Samedi, Anubis, Osiris, Veles, Morrigan


The Ghouls

Gloom Squad

Team Spooky.

Businesses / Duties of the House:

  1. Hellhouse is in charge of security in the Underworld Pocket located beneath the island. They are also the first line of defense from creatures escaping the Underworld. 

  2. All strategic/rescue/diplomatic missions involving the Underworld involve Hellhouse.

  3. A seat on the Strategic Council.

  4. Funerary Rites and Ceremonies.

  5. Stealth missions.


Because of the fact that their primary purviews are Death and Darkness, Hellhouse has the reputation of being the spookiest house in Elysium! But really, most in this house take their duties quite seriously. While Apollo has primary jurisdiction over every aspect of the Island of Elysium, in the Underworld, Hellhouse has secondary jurisdiction. Luckily for their neighbors, they are much more lax in the rules department. Some are creative, some are gloomy, many are very quiet, but all respect death and the afterlife.


 Above all other demigods in the area, they understand the fleetingness of life and the beauty of darkness. They also host poker nights and a few invitation-only TTRPG campaigns.  


Respect for the Dead

No member of Hellhouse shall involve themselves in any act that desecrates the body or monument of the deceased, unless it is in order to serve Elysium or their god.


Death must remain in balance with life, darkness with light, never seeking to overtake their opposition. Those that threaten the balance, such as creatures escaping the underworld to create chaos, must be neutralized

Payment for Services

When one is requested to perform a deed by someone who is not part of the House, one must be paid. This is a tradition so highly kept that it is law for those of Hellhouse. The payment requested may be trivial if desired, as small as a coin, a kiss or a whispered secret. Depending on the job and the desire to actually do it, prices can be much higher.


Hellhouse respects the sanctity of their neighbors’ homes (The House of Revelry and Emberhaven) and provided they are not openly defying the Resident God or directly putting the Underworld in danger, Hellhouse will leave them to enforce their own house rules. However, should they request Hellhouse’s assistance… they must pay a price acceptable to Hellhouse’s leadership. 


This rule also extends to everywhere in the world above. Unless commanded by Apollo or the Senate, Hellhouse and its Hellguard do not stop lawbreakers and miscreants outside of the Underworld, but leave that to those houses above. (Unless, of course, one is getting paid.)

Rituals and Traditions

Roles within the Group:

Archon (of Shadows): The leader of Hellhouse. 


Night Whisperer: The Second in Command.


Ferrymen: Navigators with expertise in traveling the River Styx and Hades in general. They generally possess the Psychopomp or Water purviews and are essential for any journeys into the darkness.


Chroniclers: Record and preserve the memories of those who have passed, ensuring their stories are not forgotten, as well as the deeds of those of Hellhouse. They generally have a talent for storytelling, perhaps even Epic Charisma.


Reapers: Responsible for gracefully ushering souls into the afterlife as well as keeping the spirits and ghosts of the island calm, offering comfort and guidance. They must possess the Death purview, as otherwise it may be difficult to communicate with spirits.


Hellguard: These are the guardians of the Underworld pocket beneath Elysium. They enforce order in the area and protect the citizens there–particularly as Emberhaven and the House of Revelry tend to be a little less ready for attacks from escaped Underworld creatures. Assassins and other shadowy warriors are included in their ranks. They report directly to the Night Whisperer.

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