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Welcome Home.



Mother: First in command: Caireen Moondancer (caireenarianrhod)


Auntie (or Uncle) : Second in Command


Hearthstone shares a home with the members of House Enigma called Witchhome, located upon a floating island connected by land bridge to Verdant Island.


Artistry (material), Nature, Order, Guardian

Houses these types

Nurturers, Nurses, Therapists, Life Coaches, Maids, Butlers, Servants, Housekeepers, Doulas, Doctors, Dining Hall Cooks, Weavers, Know-it-Alls, Peacekeepers, The Extraordinarily Organized, Mediators, Creators of the Best Dishes at Potlucks (But They Tell You The Recipe Wrong), Yoga Instructors, Babysitters, The Incredibly Patient, Marriage Officiants


The Moms

The Sock-Finding Squad

The Help


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Heartstone one must have at least on of the following Purviews; Artistry (crafts), Nature, Order, Guardian) Fulla, Himiko, Chantico, Guanyin, Sarafvati, Parvati, Hera, Hestia, Brigid, Danu, Frigg

Businesses / Duties of the House:


Communal Dining Hall

Preparation and sanctification of the Senate building before meetings.

Marriage and Handfasting Ceremonies.

Tending to the mental health of the citizens of Elysium.

Mediation of Disputes between Houses

Infirmary Assistance


This House consists of demigods who follow Gods who’s domain involves home, the family, marriage and comfort. Hearthstone is a softer, gentler kind of house, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have volatile tempers. The members of this House see everyone else as their Children, and often, people see them as Parental Figures right back. In a world where you might fight a sea monster on Tuesday and get shunned by House Verdant for littering on Thursday, it’s nice to know that one can go to Witchhome (where those from Hearthstone live) and have warm cookies and a shoulder to cry on any day of the week. 


Hearthstone is who you want to approach if you want peace in your life, or just need to be taken care of. They aren’t big fans of chaos, but they can rise above it and start making sense of things  like the best of mothers and fathers can.


Local Neutrality

As it is Hearthstone’s duty to settle disputes between the Houses of Elysium, they are sworn to neutrality in all House vs. House matters, accepting members of both parties into Witchhome, and offering no assistance to one House that might harm another.

Law of Commitment

A member of Hearthstone cannot back out of an oath after they had made it, particularly in terms of marriage and family. Doing so will lead them to being marked with a symbol of their shame for a time dictated by the Mother.

Hospitality, Not Hoarding

They share their blessings freely, offering food, shelter, and guidance to those in need. However, we avoid hoarding material possessions, valuing experiences and connections over physical wealth.

Kinship and Hospitality:

They cherish the bonds of family, both blood and chosen. They welcome strangers with open arms, offering them the comfort and security of the hearth. 

Harmony and Unity

They strive for harmony within families and communities, mediating conflict with compassion and wisdom. They celebrate differences while working towards shared goals. If there is strife between two or more Houses on the island, it is Hearthstone’s duty to mediate and help find a solution between them.

Open Communication:

They encourage open and honest communication within the House, families and communities. They believe that clear dialogue fosters understanding, strengthens relationships, and helps resolve conflicts peacefully. Some find this a bit annoying, as their first solution is always “let’s talk it out”, but they also will be the first to point out what each party has done wrong in a scenario. 

Shared Responsibilities

They believe in shared responsibility for maintaining the home and supporting one another. Everyone contributes their skills and talents, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Laziness is looked down upon, and any member of the House who is not contributing to it and its goals may be punished.

Rituals and Traditions

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