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We See, We Hear, We Know.



The Hierophant: (Leader) Anya Moretti (Caissa McCarey)

The Hermit: (Second)


House Enigma shares a home with the members of Hearthstone called Witchhome, located upon a floating island connected by land bridge to Verdant Island.


Fate (All those with the Fate Purview go into House Enigma. One must have the Fate Purview to be in House Enigma.)

Houses these types

 Oracles, Scholars, Historians, Philosophers, Fortune Tellers, Opium Addicts, Sages, Alan Moore Cosplayers, Wise Women, Confucius Quoters, Zen Monks, Seers, Stevie Nicks Fans, Ritualists, Weird Sisters (and the Wyrd Sisters).


(Children of these gods tend go in this house, but many gods have children in more than one house) Sif, Tezcatlipoca, Xiwangmu, Brahma, Hecate, Orunmila, Isis, Thot, Dola, Ogama, Ard


Fortune Cookie Factory

Team Tea Leaf

The Spoiler Squad

Businesses / Duties of the House:

Tending to the Eternal Flame

Care of the Temple of the Gods

The Grand Archives

Magic Shop

Oracle Services out of Witchhome


 House Enigma is wholly composed of those individuals who were blessed with the purview of Fate. Those possessing this purview tend to see reality a bit differently than everyone else, simply because they see so much that others do not. For this reason, they tend to get on well with House Revelry, and of course, Hearthstone, whom they share a home with. 

Mystical and strange, their primary job is relaying the things they have seen to people who can handle the information, but they also do a great job at their other duties, such as caring for the Grand Archives and selling arcane items at the Magic Shop.

Knowledge is Power: The Grand Archives houses scrolls and artifacts detailing Titan weaknesses, ancient magic, and historical accounts of past battles. Access is granted by decree of Princeps Senatus, (The Will of Apollo) or based on demonstrated responsibility and need. House Enigma are the caretakers of the Grand Archive and responsible for its security.


Truth Above All

Seek truth in every vision, interpretation, and utterance, even when it is painful or inconvenient.

Respect for Fate's Threads

 Never act directly to alter fate, but guide others to navigate its currents wisely.

Confidentiality of Visions

Protect the privacy of those whose futures you glimpse, sharing only what is necessary and permitted. While this is of paramount importance, there are a few caveats that need to be noted with regard to visions and confidentiality.

- All visions need to be recorded in the Grand Archives. Knowledge is power and one never knows when the vision might become pertinent to something larger.
- All visions regarding new arrivals should be shared with the rest of Enigma to better serve the gods by presenting them with their offspring.

- Any vision regarding Titanspawn, Titanspawn activity, or that might present a threat to the Island, or the Gods, should be reported to the head of House Enigma and the Princeps Senatus.

Humility in the Face of Uncertainty

Acknowledge the limitations of your foresight and the ever-shifting nature of fate.

Mutual Support and Learning

Share knowledge and experiences within the House, fostering collective wisdom.

Rituals of Divination

Regularly perform rituals to hone your connection to the unseen, using specific tools and practices unique to your methods and person.

Fasting and Purification

Undergo periodic physical and mental purification rituals to enhance clarity and receptivity to prophetic visions.

Scrutiny of Signs and Omens

Train yourselves to observe and interpret signs and omens in the natural world for messages from fate

Collective Interpretation

Work together to interpret complex visions and riddles, combining individual insights for a clearer understanding.

Records of Sight:

After a vision or glimpse of potential paths forward, the seer is required to either write down the information or seek out one of the Archivists to tell them the details of the vision so they can add it to the records. The Confidentiality of Visions does not apply to the document, which is then stored in the Grand Archive, sealed away unless it is absolutely necessary to refer to it.

Respect of Witchhome

As Witchhome is shared with Hearthstone, who does most of the caretaking, those of House Enigma must treat their home and the other residents with great respect. They are not servants, but equals with a different realm of expertise. Most expenses are covered by Enigma, as they generate a large income with their unique services.

Rituals and Traditions

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