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Building a Better Everything.



Current Leader/ Point of Contact: Finn Caldwell (Sheridansnow resident)


The Hammer: Finn Caldwell

The Anvil: 




Forge, Artistry (Physical), Fire

Houses these types

Blacksmiths, Armorsmiths, Crafters, Potters, Computer Programmers, Robotics Experts, Technophiles, DIY Experts, Archeologists, Mad Scientists, Engineers, Hot and Sweaty Men With Hammers, Hot and Sweaty Women WIth Hammers, Mechanics, Salvagers, Scavengers, Sculptors, Model Train Enthusiasts, Hackers, Carpenters, Masons, Architects, Contractors, Builders, People Who Complain that the Crafting System in a Video Game is “Unrealistic.”


(These are only a few of the gods suitable for this house. In order to belong to House Emberhaven one must have at least on of the following Purviews; Forge, Artistry (Physical), Fire) Bragi, Nuwa, Hephaestus, Ogoun, Ptah, Lugh




Mister Fix-It

 The Sooty Squad

The Overheated Overachievers

 The Hammer Time Honeys

Businesses / Duties of the House:

  • Village Blacksmith

  • Crafting arms and Armor for the denizens of the island

  • Village Weapons stall

  • Repairs and construction throughout the island

  • The Arcade


Out of everyone in Elysium, the members of Emberhaven are the hardest workers, and the best in terms of forging and crafting top-notch items, not only suitable for being enchanted as birthrights, but just extra good in general. They take care of the maintenance and repair of most machinery and such on the island and always seem to have some sort of insane-sounding fix for your mechanical problem. If you are in need of a freshly made shield capable of withstanding your Epic Strength, you accidentally broke one of Apollo’s favorite vases or if Kit tried to make a peanut butter sandwich in the toaster again, the Forge is where to go.


You do NOT touch the tools that belong to a member of Emberhaven, and you do NOT want to know the penalty for doing such. Also, it is ill-advised to pester or demand one of them to “hurry” when they are working on a project for you. For some reason, those projects end up taking two to three times longer.


These are the folks who make your arms and armor, pissing them off could have unexpectedly unpleasant consequences in the heat of battle.

The Code of Ember and Verse: Laws for the Children of Creation

Forge and Quill:

We honor the twin flames of creativity, the sparks that ignite both artistry and craftsmanship. In our hands, fire shapes metal, and words paint pictures, both expressions of the same divine spark.

Respect the Craft

We venerate the tools of our trade, be it hammer and anvil, brush and chisel, or the very words we speak. We maintain them with care, for they are extensions of ourselves and channels of our creativity.

Mastery Through Practice

Skill is not a gift, but a hard-won treasure. We dedicate ourselves to constant practice, pushing our limits to refine our techniques and discover the full potential of our gifts.

Collaboration, not Competition

While individuality is prized, we recognize the strength in shared vision. We collaborate on projects, sharing techniques and inspiration, for the greatest creations often rise from combined efforts.

Truth in Beauty

 Our creations are not mere adornments but vessels of truth. We strive to capture the essence of the world around us, its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and challenges, through our art and forgecraft.

Responsibility of Inspiration

Our creations can influence hearts and minds. We wield inspiration with care, ensuring it uplifts and empowers, not manipulates or deceives.

Legacy Through Teaching

We share our knowledge and skills with those who seek to follow in our footsteps. We nurture potential, ensuring the flame of creativity continues to burn brightly in future generations.

Fire's Fury, Metal's Might

We respect the raw power of the forge and the transformative nature of flame. We never use them for destruction or harm, but only for creation and protection.

 Beauty Born of Struggle

The challenges we face, be it technical or personal, refine our skills and deepen our creations. We embrace both success and failure, for each shapes us into stronger artists and artisans.

The Crucible of the Soul

Just as we shape metal in fire, we must be willing to be shaped by our experiences. We face criticism and feedback with open minds, allowing it to refine our art and forge us into better creators.

 The Song of Our Ancestors

We honor the legacy of those who came before us, the myths and legends that inspire our creations. We build upon their foundation, adding our own unique voices to the grand symphony of artistry and craftsmanship.

The Spark Within

Creativity is not a finite resource, but a flame that can ignite in the hearts of all. We seek to inspire others to discover their own creative spark, enriching the world with diverse expressions of beauty and meaning.

Traditions of the Sun's Hammers: Forge and Art for a New Dawn

Under the watchful gaze of Apollo, the Sun's Hammers forge not just weapons, but hope, and paint not just beauty, but courage.


  • Trial by Flame: Upon awakening, aspiring demigods undergo a trial by fire, forging a simple tool while facing their fears and insecurities. Success demonstrates both artistic merit and the will to wield power responsibly.

  • The Mark of the Sun: Upon completion, the initiate receives a brand symbolizing Apollo's blessing and membership in the fraternity. The design is unique to each member, incorporating an element of their artistic style and forged metal.

Fraternity Life:

  • Daily Forging: Each morning begins with a communal forging session, creating simple tools or practicing techniques. It emphasizes focus, discipline, and collaboration.

  • Sunset Celebrations: As the sun dips below the horizon, members gather to share stories, poems, or works of art inspired by the day. Open critiques foster growth and strengthen the bond of brotherhood.

  • The Foundry Games: Once a year, members compete in friendly matches showcasing their forging and artistic skills. Teams create sculptures, weapons, or intricate mechanisms, judged on both beauty and function.

  • Legacy Projects: Every five years, the fraternity undertakes a large-scale project, leaving a lasting mark on the world. Past projects include building bridges, crafting sculptures honoring fallen heroes, or creating tools for struggling communities.

Missions and Service:

  • Call to Aid: When news of endangered demigods or Titan activity reaches the island, the Oracle provides cryptic advice to guide the mission. A council of senior members selects a team based on their skills and the Oracle's vision.

  • Gifts of Creation: Before departing, each member crafts a personalized gift for the demigod they seek to protect, imbued with their hopes and blessings. This gift serves as a symbol of unity and serves a practical purpose during the mission.

  • Return and Sharing: Upon their return, heroes share their experiences and insights with the fraternity, enriching the collective knowledge and preparing future generations for challenges. Stories of success and loss are woven into the fraternity's tapestry.

Additional Touches:

  • Lugh's Forge: A sacred forge deep underground at the island's heart, said to be blessed by Lugh himself, is used for special projects and rituals.

  • Shared Tools: The fraternity maintains a vast collection of tools and materials freely available to all members, fostering collaboration and innovation.

  • Symbols and Mottos: The Sun's Hammers have a distinct emblem incorporating fire, metal, and paintbrushes, alongside the motto "Through fire and art, we forge a brighter dawn."


The Ritual of Lugh's Forge: Crafting Divine Arms and Armor

This sacred ceremony, held within the hallowed walls of Lugh's Forge, imbues weapons and armor with divine power, specifically tailored for the demigod children of various gods. It is a collaborative process, demanding not only skill and artistry but also unwavering focus and dedication.


  1. Gathering the Materials: The Demigod declares the intended recipient of the divine armament, selecting materials that resonate with their divine lineage. Celestial iron, starmetal, and enchanted wood are but a few examples.

  2. Purification and Fasting: Both the Demigod craftsperson and the recipient undergo a period of purification, cleansing their bodies and minds through meditation and offerings to Hestia, goddess of the hearth. A day of fasting precedes the ritual.

The Ritual:

  1. Invocation of Lugh: At dawn, the Demigod craftsperson ignites the forge using the first rays of sunlight, calling upon Lugh, the god of craftsmanship, for his blessing and guidance. Offerings of precious metals and expertly crafted tools appease the deity.

  2. Shaping the Vessel: With practiced hands and focused intent, the craftsperson begins transforming the materials into the desired weapon or armor. Each strike of the hammer and stroke of the chisel echoes with the recipient's name and lineage.

  3. Divine Imbuement: As the form takes shape, the Demigod craftsperson chants hymns specific to the recipient's divine parent. Incense representing the parent god's domain fills the air, and offerings are made to further invoke their blessings.

  4. The Spark of Divinity: At the peak of their focus, the Demigod craftsperson channels the recipient's own divine spark into the creation. This may involve shared memories, prayers, or even channeling the recipient's emotions through physical contact with the unfinished work.

  5. Tempering and Blessing: The completed armament is then quenched in sacred waters imbued with the blessings of specific deities relevant to the weapon's function and the recipient's lineage. Prayers and offerings seal the magic within.

Completion and Dedication:

  1. Presentation and Acceptance: The newly crafted divine armament is unveiled to the recipient, who expresses their gratitude and swears an oath to use it responsibly and uphold the honor of their lineage.

  2. Feast and Celebration: A celebratory feast follows, honoring Lugh, the craftsperson, and the recipient. Songs, stories, and demonstrations showcase the weapon's power and the Demigod's prowess.

Additional Notes:

  • The specific offerings, hymns, and rituals can be adapted to fit the individual gods and the weapon's intended purpose.

  • Infused with divine power, the armament might possess unique abilities or resonate with the wielder's emotions.

  • The ritual can be a deeply personal experience, forging a powerful bond between the craftsperson and the recipient.

  • Lugh's Forge itself holds ancient enchantments that amplify the ritual's effects.



O Lugh, mighty craftsman and skilled warrior, lend your keen eye and powerful hand to your kin of mortals and gods.

We, the children of your divine spark, stand before you with tools in hand and fire in our hearts. We seek not only to shape metal and wood, but to forge our destinies, to become heroes worthy of your lineage.

Bless the sweat that falls upon our brows as we hammer and carve, bless the callouses that speak of dedication. Guide our minds with your ingenuity, our hands with your precision, and our souls with your unyielding spirit.

Let the weapons we craft become instruments of justice, not vengeance. Let the armor we build be shields of courage, not walls of fear. May our creations embody your ideals: beauty in strength, artistry in action, and grace in the face of adversity.

As we walk the path of a hero, grant us your steady hand. Teach us to strike true, to aim with purpose, and to fight with honor. Remind us that true victory lies not just in conquest, but in the protection of the innocent and the pursuit of what is right.

O Lugh, we call upon your name, not for personal gain, but for the betterment of all. Bless our work, bless our journey, and bless our hearts.

May your legacy shine through us, and may your name be uttered with pride by the heroes you inspire.

So mote it be!

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