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Associated With: Ares, Athena, The Dagda, Erzulie, Freya, Freyr, Guan Yu, Hachiman, Huang Di, Huitzilopochtli, Lugh, The Morrigan, Nezha, Njord, Nuada, Odin, Ogma, Ogoun, Set, Sun Wukong, Tezcatlipoca, Tyr


Innate Power: Blessing of Bravery

Dice Pool: Charisma + Leadership

Intoning a benediction over a person or group prepared to engage in battle, the Scion bolsters their courage and determination. Every character on the Scion’s side of the conflict who hears the benediction gains +2  to combat rolls for a number of rounds equal to the Scion’s successes once combat begins. The Scion may amplify his voice electronically, but he must be present at the battle and give the blessing live. This power does not stack, the highest roll wins the day. 

Battle Cry

Dice Pool: Charisma + Intimidation

During a battle, be it a pitched field engagement or an alley fight between a Band of Scions and a gang of frost giants, the Scion can loose a horrible battle cry that unnerves his foes. Every fighter on the Scion’s enemies’ side who hears the unearthly shriek loses one die from all attack rolls for a number of attacks equal to the Scion’s successes.

The Scion may use electronic equipment to amplify this battle cry so every enemy present can hear it, but he must be present on the battlefield himself for it to work. He can let out this battle cry only once per combat scene, and it doesn’t affect enemies whose Level rating is higher than his.

Warrior Ideal

Dice Pool: Charisma + Intimidation

The Scion adopts some idealized warrior aspect, from howling berserker to unquestioning enlisted man to fearless officer to pitiless samurai. This attitude unnerves and intimidates any opponent who faces him in combat, inflicting difficulty +2 on any attack roll the opponent makes. This penalty applies to any character with a lesser or equal Level rating who attempts to attack the Scion. This idealized aspect lasts for a number of consecutive actions during the battle equal to the successes the Scion’s player rolled to activate it, and he can invoke it only once during any given battle.


Battle Map

Dice Pool: Perception + Survival

This Boon creates for the Scion a virtual, three-dimensional contour map of a battlefield, complete with terrain features and troop movements. This map can take up an area no larger than four square yards, and it can show only an area that the Scion has scouted personally or has scouted within 24 hours.

The map shows an overhead view of the area with a resolution equal to the Scion’s own visual acuity. It symbolically indicates the Scion’s troops and equipment, the enemy’s troops and equipment, and any uninvolved civilians (based on the Scion’s own distinction) in different colors. As those forces move through the area the map represents, the symbols move accordingly. The projection lasts for one scene.



Dice Pool: None

 The warp-spasm of Irish legend, the Scion with this Boon can channel a potent war-power, breathing in the very fury and twisting unpredictability of battle itself. When this Boon is activated, the body of the hero or God twists and warps, taking on a truly incomprehensible freakishness. Every nerve quivers with barely-contained violence, and the Scion’s body temperature multiplies impossibly.

The precise changes that overtake the one seized by the ríastrad vary from individual to individual. The legendary Cúchulainn literally twisted about in his skin, the bones of the front of his body jutting out from the back of his skin while one eye sank into its socket. His hair stood on end, creating red spikes topped with small sparks of flame that could set dry grass alight, and his jaws clenched so that it seemed like he might shatter his teeth with the strength of it.

Regardless of the cosmetic effects — which are always hideous and monstrous to behold — the ríastrad has the following mechanical effects:

  • Strength and Stamina raises +3 for the duration.

  • Beauty based Appearance drops to 0, Epic Appearance(hideous) raises by one. Scion gains the Dreadful Mein Knack.

  • Wits drops to 0

  • Intelligence drops to 0

Dreadful Mien

Some Scions are so hideous that seeing them spurs the primitive centers of the human brain toward reckless flight. Most humans can clamp down on this instinctive response and remain in such Scions’ presence, but this Knack overrides that social nicety. When the Scion’s player uses this ability, the character directs his unholy monstrousness at a single unlucky victim in his presence. Overwhelmed, the victim runs for his life and hides somewhere until the next sunrise. People affected by this Knack run away with self-preservation in mind, though, so they won’t sprint blindly into traffic or try to swim across a shark tank to safety. Scions whose Epic Appearance represents divine beauty cannot use this Knack. Also, it doesn’t work on hideous Scions with more dots of Epic Appearance than the one using the Knack.)


  • Any mortal within sight of the Scion is filled with terrible fear, inflicting a penalty equal to his Expression Virtue to all rolls made while remaining in the same battle as the Scion. Mortals who have not been trained for violent situations will flee the scene immediately, and those who have been trained for such situations must each make a roll of (Wits + Survival) to remain in the area. A successful (Charisma + Leadership) roll by a leader or figure of authority at a difficulty equal to the Scion’s (Intimidation + Epic Appearance) will prevent such a rout as well.


  • The warp-spasm does not end when the Scion is out of enemies: all creatures are imperiled in the face of his divine rage, which lasts until the end of the scene or until he is coaxed out of it by his friends or his primal urges. Those attempting to lure him out of his rage — whether drawing on friendship or trying to tempt him with beautiful women or a wonderful meal — must make a (Charisma + Persuasion) roll, accumulating a number of successes in an extended roll equal to the Scion’s (Wits + Intimidation)x 5.


Like other transformation based Boons, this charm can be purchased a second time for an entirely different Ríastrad combo set and form.

After use of Riastrad, the Scion cannot use it again for at least one week, due to the strain it has on the body and one’s ichor. Also, those using this form in the city or at other inappropriate times may be banished from the island. (So use it responsibly.)

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