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Associated With: Amaterasu, Apollo, Atum-Re, Baldur, Bastet, Freyr, Fuxi, Heimdall, Horus, Houyi, Huitzilopochtli, Legba, Tezcatlipoca


Innate Power: You can radiate an aura of sunlight that pierces through darkness out to long range. You may roll (Presence + Occult) to increase this radiance to blinding brilliance, imposing a +2 Complication on any attack rolls against you or an ally within the light.

Penetrating Glare

Dice Pool: None

As sunlight only dims when it passes through thick clouds, so too can a Scion’s vision cut through physical occlusions. When the Scion receives this Boon, she sees clearly through such physical impediments as smoke, fog, murky water (if the Scion is in said water) or even translucent barriers through which other people can see only silhouettes. The character can even see perfectly clearly in dim light (i.e., light no less intense than a single birthday candle). In total darkness, however, she’s just as blind as the next person.

Divine Radiance

Dice Pool: None

This Boon allows a Scion to emit sunlight. She can either radiate a glow from her entire body, shining with the intensity of a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, or focus that light to a narrower beam. For instance, she could narrow the focus of the light to come from her palm or her eyes to act as a high-powered flashlight. The Scion can emit soft light thus for one scene.

Alternatively, the character can concentrate her light into a single intense burst that gleams from some reflective surface on her person, be it from the steel edge of her weapon, the metal buttons on her jacket or the surgical-steel head of her tongue stud. (Such a burst imposes a -2 distraction penalty on the victim’s non-reflexive actions until the Scion’s next action, and it ends the Scion’s use of this Boon.) The Scion could even focus the light down to a pinpoint intense enough to scorch an object or ignite a flammable accelerant. (The pinpoint is not intense enough to damage a victim in combat, though.)

Heavenly Flare

Dice Pool: Appearance + Occult

Concentrating for one round, the Scion builds up and releases a flash of sunlight that’s impossible for anyone within line of sight to miss. When she does so, the player of anyone who was looking at her, even through expensive sunglasses, must roll (Stamina + Fortitude). If the victim’s roll nets more successes than the Scion’s activation roll, he sees only a sudden flash that has no effect on him.

If the victim gains an equal number of successes, he still suffers a -2 distraction penalty on all non-reflexive actions until the Scion’s next action. If the Scion gets more successes to activate this Boon than a victim does to resist it, the victim is both blinded and rendered Inactive until the Scion’s next action. After that, the victim suffers a -3 distraction penalty on all non-reflexive actions for a number of actions equal to the Scion’s Level rating. Extras are automatically assumed to fail the resistance roll.

Life-giving Rays

Dice Pool: Charisma + Medicine

A soft, golden glow emanates from the Scion, just bright enough to read by. While bathed in this golden light, living beings heal more rapidly than normal. All healing times are halved for every hour of being within the Scion’s refreshing light, including for the Scion herself. Life-Giving Rays function for a maximum number of people equal to 3 plus her player’s successes on the initial (Charisma + Medicine) roll, and remain in effect for a number of hours equal to the player’s original threshold successes. If a target whose healing rate is halved takes any new damage of any kind, their healing time for all their wounds returns to normal.

Flare Missile

Dice Pool: None

At high noon or darkest midnight, the Scion can fire projectiles of solid sunlight at her enemies. As long as she has a weapon such as a bow, a firearm, a sling or even an atlatl, her player can spend a post to create glowing ammunition for it out of pure sunlight. Using this Boon adds +3 damage to attacks. Attacks made using this Boon always inflict lethal damage— unless the target has a special susceptibility to sunlight—and always have the Piercing quality.


Dice Pool: Appearance + Occult

The Scion’s skin changes from its normal hue to a deeper brown to an angry red and becomes hot to the touch. This heat can’t ignite inflammable objects, but it’s enough to burn others’ unprotected flesh. Anyone who touches the Scion’s body with exposed flesh or with skin covered only by a layer or two of clothing suffers a number of dice of lethal damage equal to the Scion’s successes. (This damage comes in addition to any damage the Scion might inflict in a clinch or other unarmed attack.) The character’s skin radiates this heat for one scene.

Victims’ skin damaged by this heat reddens and blisters as if from a painful sunburn. The heat from the Scion’s body is not that of a fire, so Fire Immunity does not automatically protect against it.

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