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Innate Power: Perfect Timing

Dice Pool: None, or Perception + Science

 As long as you are beneath the open sky, you can take a simple action to shift your senses to a God’s eye view, looking down on yourself and your surroundings out to long range from a top-down perspective.

 The heavens were humanity’s first clock and calendar; thus, a Scion with this boon can innately feel the temporal movement of the universe. She always knows the time, to the second, no matter what her circumstances. This does not matter so much in an age of cheap and accurate wristwatches (though it is still useful in the Overworld, Underworld and other realms) — but Perfect Timing also enables a Scion to sense supernatural distortions of time, such as those caused by other Star Boons. In such cases, the player rolls the Scion’s (Perception + Science). Each 100 yards distance raises the roll’s difficulty by +1. Success means the Scion knows the direction and general distance (within 100 yards) of the time distortion. 


Sense Age 

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness

If the Scion touches an object, she can instantly discover its age. If she touches a dead body, she can tell how long it has been dead; if she touches a broken piece of glass, she can tell how long ago it broke off. The power is specific to the object being touched; when the shard of glass was part of a window, it was a different object with a different age. However, every two threshold successes reveals one additional age that is relevant to the object. With three total successes, for instance, a Scion who touched the hood of a car and wondered at the car’s age, could discern when the car was built and when the hood was replaced. With nine successes, a Scion could touch the Venus de Milo and sense when the statue was carved, when the arms broke off, when the marble was quarried, and the geologic age of the marble.



Dice Pool: Appearance + Performance

The Scion evokes the sparkling majesty of the cosmos. As a miscellaneous action, the Scion gathers a cloak of shimmering light around her body, resembling the polar aurora or a deep space nebula. The unearthly lights blur the Scion’s outline; even her distance from the viewer becomes uncertain. For the rest of the scene (or until the Scion’s player lets Aurora lapse), the Scion’s Dodge and Parry successes both increase by half the number of successes rolled (round down).
The effect is easily defeated by closing one’s eyes (though blindness carries its own penalties). 

Still Object

Dice Pool: Perception + Science

The Scion concentrates on an inanimate object for a miscellaneous action and spends an amount of posts depending on the size of the object. Her player rolls (Perception + Science), at a difficulty likewise set by the object’s size. Success means the object is frozen in space and time, unchanging, wherever it is — on the ground, on a table, in mid-air — for a number of rounds equal to the Scion’s successes. No mundane force can move or affect the object. For instance, if the object is on a table, moving the table leaves the object floating in mid-air. However, the object can be moved by supernatural means: Those with Epic Strength or an Arete for Athletics may do so by rolling (Strength + Athletics) and scoring more successes than the activation roll.


Lucky Star 

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Target: Self Only.

The Scion must role play spending an entire night studying the night sky — a clear night, where the stars are visible. Her player rolls (Perception + Awareness). Success means the Scion sees a pattern of Fate written into the celestial order. Finding this “lucky star” enhances subsequent rolls involving one Ability chosen by the Scion when she used this Boon: In any dice pool involving that Ability, the dice for the Ability become automatic successes. This benefit lasts for a week. the Scion may not use Lucky Star again until the week is up.

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