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Associated With: Agwe, Baron Samedi, Hermes, Izanagi, Legba, Manannán mac Lir, Odin, Persephone, Ptah, Nüwa, Quetzalcoátl, Susano-o, Tsuki-yomi

Innate Power: Unerring Orientation

Dice Pool: None

In a locale she knows well, such as her hometown or a national park she visits every autumn, the Scion knows how to get from any point within to any other point. In an unfamiliar locale, her sense of direction defaults to a standard compass rose. Should someone give her correct directions in an unfamiliar locale, she retains them thereafter. If she studies a map of an unfamiliar city for five minutes, that information remains imprinted on her mind until she leaves that city for longer than a week.

The Boon can also reveal to a Scion how far away and in what direction the location she considers home lies. Alternatively, if the Scion finds herself in a strange place—if she’s been drugged and kidnapped, for instance—this Boon can tell her how far she is and in what direction she traveled from the last place she wasn’t lost.

Where Are You?

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness

If someone makes remote contact with a Scion (by telephone, instant messenger, telepathy…), the Scion gets a sense of how far away he is and in what direction. She might not be able to direct the person to her location, but she can follow her nose right to the location whence the contact originated. The sensation remains even after the period of contact ends, but it doesn’t follow the person around if that person moves. It can only lead a Scion to where the communication ended.

Unbarred Entry

Dice Pool: None

The Scion can pass through a solid surface as if either she or it were intangible. She can pass through only as much space as she could cross in a single step— through a wall or a locked door, for instance—and doing so is a simple action. All the Scion’s clothing and items make the transition with her, but she can’t pull anyone else along behind. If the solid surface is too thick for her to be able to pass through, it remains as solid to her as it does to everyone else. This Boon doesn’t literally make the Scion intangible, however, so she can’t use it in combat to avoid damage or to step through a ring of fire without being burned.


Come Along

Dice Pool: None

Most Psychopomp Boons that allow for supernatural travel apply only to the Scion who uses them. With this supplemental Boon, however, the Scion can bring other people or ghosts whose presence she’s aware of along with her when she uses those Boons as if those others both had and used the Boons in question themselves. She can only travel with as many people as she can reasonably touch and they must follow the Scion willingly. While the effect lasts, each follower moves in whatever supernatural way the psychopomp does. Only the first two Boons of the Psychopomp Purview (Unerring Orientation and Where Are You?) and this one cannot be conferred on others with this Boon. The others are all fair game unless otherwise noted.

Spirit Lamp

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult

The Scion tunes up her mystic resonance and unleashes her divine energy to become a beacon to ghosts, spirits and strange wandering energies. For a range of miles equal to the successes rolled times the Scion’s Level, she stands out to everything in the spirit world. Spirits come and cluster around her, and ghosts seek out the Scion for guidance.

While the Scion may not necessarily have any special control over ghosts (that’s the function of the Death Purview) nor does the power compel the attendance of spirits (also a function of the Death Purview), her role as a Psychopomp becomes clear: Any spirit can tell with a glance that the Scion serves as an intermediary between the World and other realms, with the power to guide people on their journeys. Spirits and ghosts that see the Scion’s radiance can choose how to respond, but the Scion’s glow is clearly visible to them, even through barriers.

Better still, if the Scion happens to be in the Underworld, her radiance is visible to everyone there, including herself, although its range drops to feet instead of miles. Anyone in the Scion’s radiance in the Underworld gains a bonus equal to the successes on any roll to notice hazards or pitfalls and to avoid the deleterious effects of hanging out in the land of the dead, such as the gray leaching effect that mythically strikes inhabitants of Hades. Thus, the Scion can serve as a guide for her Band, illuminating the way through the Underworld and helping them to avoid the pitfalls therein.

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