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Echoes of the Fallen: Titanspawn Origins and the Demigod Hunt

Born from the whispers of imprisoned Titans and fueled by their undying rage, the Titanspawn walk the world as twisted echoes of their fallen progenitors. Their relentless pursuit of demigods isn't fueled by mere malice but by a complex mix of vengeance, desperation, and a warped sense of destiny. While few are the gods, or their children, who will admit it, the Titanspawn, by their very nature, are Demigods, themselves.

Echoes of Power:

  • Fractured Essences: When the Titans fell, their immense power shattered, fragments echoing into the world as the Titanspawn. These echoes retain faint memories and abilities of their original Titan, fueling their desire to reclaim their lost power and reunite with their scattered brethren.

  • Ichor Hunger: Titanspawn bodies are composed of corrupted divine ichor, a pale imitation of their former glory. They crave the pure ichor of demigods, believing it holds the key to restoring their full power and escaping their fragmented state.

  • Imprisoned Whispers: The imprisoned Titans, though weakened, can still project fragments of their consciousness. These whispers, filled with rage and vengeance, fuel the Titanspawn's hatred for the gods and their demigod offspring.

Vengeance and Destiny:

  • Twisted Justice: Titanspawn see the imprisonment of their Titans as an injustice, and demigods, empowered by the very deities who imprisoned their kin, as symbols of that injustice. Eliminating them has become a twisted form of revenge, a way to strike back at their oppressors.

  • Prophecies of Reckoning: Corrupted fragments of ancient prophecies whisper of a day when the Titans rise again. Titanspawn interpret these prophecies literally, believing the eradication of demigods is the key to fulfilling this destiny and freeing their imprisoned progenitors.

  • Fear Breeds Power: Titanspawn draw strength from fear and despair. By hunting demigods, they spread terror and negativity, empowering themselves while weakening their enemies and paving the way for the Titans' return.

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