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The Laws of Aethonia: Protecting Humanity under Apollo's Light

Dedicated to safeguarding mortal lives and fighting the Titans' influence, the demigod Senate of Aethonia upholds justice and order on their secluded island sanctuary.

Resident God: At the top of it all is Apollo.It is the presence of this god that is key to the safety of the island. No being on the island is as powerful as Apollo, and no one has a greater say than he does. Still, he does not involve himself in many aspects of the running of the island, unless it is necessary. Or he is bored.


Senate Composition:

  • Princeps Senatus: Chosen by Apollo himself, the leader of House Paragon (children of Apollo) presides over the Senate, holding authority in both legislative and military matters.

  • House Representatives: Each of the eleven Houses sends a chosen representative to form the Aethonia. 

  • Veto Power: Though the Senate holds legislative power, Apollo retains the ultimate say, possessing a unilateral veto right over any decision.

Laws and Procedures:

  • The Twelve Tablets: This foundational document, inspired by Roman law and imbued with Apollo's wisdom, outlines fundamental rights, responsibilities, and procedures for island life and missions.

  • Debates and Voting: Decisions are made through open debate and majority vote amongst Senate representatives. The Princeps Senatus (House Paragon) holds two votes and can break ties.

  • Trial Tribunals: For serious offenses against the Laws or endangering the island, a special tribunal of Senators is convened to judge the accused. Apollo's guidance through oracles informs their judgment.

  • House Autonomy: Each House maintains internal rules and traditions, aligned with their divine patrons and responsibilities. However, these cannot contradict the Senate's authority.

Strategic Counsel:

  • Composition: Representatives from House Unbroken, House Wayfinder, House Nautilus and House Hellhouse, chosen for their military expertise and leadership, form the Strategic Counsel. The Representative of House Unbroken  serves as its commander-in-chief. A representative from House Paragon and House Enigma have consulary seats. Other Houses can be summoned to duty with appropriate need. 

  • Mission Planning: The Counsel plans missions to aid mortals, rescue demigods, and counter Titan activity. They utilize intelligence from each House's network and consult oracles for divine guidance.

  • Resource Allocation: The Counsel manages the island's resources, assigning personnel and equipment for missions based on need and expertise.

  • Deployment: Once a plan is approved by the Senate, the Counsel leads House forces into the mortal world, coordinating efforts for maximum efficiency and minimal civilian casualties.

Additional Notes:

  • House Responsibilities:

    • Paragon:, Diplomacy, Battle planning, Medical and education of young demigods.

    • Unbroken: Combat training, direct confrontations with Titans and Titanspawn.

    • Nautilus: Naval operations, underwater missions, espionage.

    • Hellhouse: Gathering intel from the Underworld, dealing with necromantic threats.

    • Wayfinder: Aerial reconnaissance, transportation, battlefield coordination.

    • Emberhaven: Arms and Armaments.

    • Enigma: Visions, magical aide and support.

    • Revelry: Intelligence gathering, espionage, interrogation

    • Romance: Diplomacy, Interrogation

    • Verdant: Medical, land navigation, support.

    • Hearthstone: Supply lines, support

  • Island Defenses: Aethonia maintains powerful magical and physical defenses, overseen by the Senate and guarded by all Houses.

  • Respect for Mortals: Demigods understand their role as protectors, avoiding unnecessary interventions in mortal affairs while upholding their oath to safeguard humanity.

  • Apollo's Guidance: Oracles and prophecies delivered by Apollo provide essential counsel to both the Senate and the Strategic Counsel, shaping their decisions and actions.



Island Laws

  1. Honoring Ancestors: Respect for the divine blood they inherit is paramount. Each year, demi-gods participate in a grand celebration honoring their godly parent(s).

  2. Law of Sanctuary: The island serves as a safe haven, and harming another demi-god within its borders is punishable by exile or servitude to the community. Conflicts are settled through trials of skill or wit, overseen by the Elysian Senate.

  3. Balance of Power: Each demi-god registers their specific divine lineage and associated powers upon arrival and moves into the appropriate House. If their divine parent has not claimed them, they will stay with House Wayfinder until such time that they are claimed. Uncontrolled displays of power are forbidden, and training grounds are provided for responsible practice.

  4. Trial by Ordeal: For serious disputes or accusations, the accused may choose trial by combat against a champion or undergo a test related to their godly domain.

  5. The Call to Aid: Any demi-god who witnesses another in distress outside the island is obligated to render assistance, unless their own safety is truly jeopardized.

  6. Knowledge is Power: The Grand Archives houses scrolls and artifacts detailing Titan weaknesses, ancient magic, and historical accounts of past battles. Access is granted by decree of Princeps Senatus, (The Will of Apollo) or based on demonstrated responsibility and need. House Enigma are the caretakers of the Grand Archive and responsible for its security.

  7. Spoils of War: Recovered artifacts deemed too dangerous for individual possession are entrusted to the island guardians, who safeguard them in a specially warded vault. House Paragon controls access  to the Vault. Only the Princeps Senatus and Apollo know where it is located and how to enter safely.

  8. Forbidden Knowledge: Necromancy, blood magic, and any practice deemed to court Titan influence are strictly forbidden outside of House Hellhouse. Penalties vary from temporary power dampening to complete exile, depending on the severity of the transgression.

  9. The Hunt's Toll: Returning demi-gods must undergo a cleansing ritual and psychological evaluation before rejoining the community. Sharing their experiences and offering guidance to future rescuers is mandatory.

  10. The Aethonia - Elysian Senate: A council of seasoned demi-gods governs the island, appointed by Apollo. They arbitrate disputes, oversee training, and make decisions regarding expeditions and resource allocation.

  11. The Island's Heart: A designated sacred grove serves as the source of the island's protective magic. Maintaining its balance and purity is a collective responsibility. The Island’s Heart is manifested as the park located beneath The House on The Rock.

  12. The Eternal Flame: An eternal flame symbolizes the demi-gods' defiance against the Titans. Each generation adds fuel, signifying their commitment to the fight and the legacy of their fallen comrades. The ritual area is located in the forest near the colosseum.

  13.  Integration and Acceptance: While respecting their diverse origins, demi-gods are encouraged to embrace the island's unique culture and contribute to its shared identity.

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