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The Order Purview holds power over those things which bind civilizations and societies together

in order: the sovereignty of kings and queens, the wisdom of judges and the justice of lawgivers,

codes of law, social customs, and hierarchical authority.


Innate Power: You can sense the laws that govern any jurisdiction you stand in, letting you tell

whether any action you witness or contemplate would be legal according to them. Any mortal

law enforcement acting in their official capacity that attempts to take action against you for a

lawful act or overreach the bounds of authority is physically unable to do so — their body

betrays them in the face of true justice.


Code of Heaven


Duration: One scene

Subject: Self

Action: Simple

When you explain laws to people, as long as you’re truthful and accurate, they know that you are correct. If, as part of your explanation, you declare a person or group to be innocent, then the protection of this Purview’s innate power extends to them for this Boon’s duration. On the other hand, if you condemn someone as guilty, you and those who hear you have +2 on any actions taken to bring them to justice.


Divine Right


Duration: One scene

Subject: Self or one character

Range: Close

Action: Simple

You anoint yourself or another character as divinely proclaimed “sovereign”, making all who look

upon them see proof of their immanent authority in the situation at hand (such as anointing a judge for a trial or a leader of a meeting.). All characters below the user of the boon’s level (rather than the one appointed “sovereign”)  then find it harder to act against the chosen person’s authority, adding a +2 difficulty to any action against them, including disputing their decisions. The duration is one scene.


Nothing but The Truth


Duration: Indefinite

Subject: One character

Clash: Charisma + Intimidation

Range: Short

Action: Simple

Your imposing presence strikes divine terror into the hearts of liars. An affected character can’t

lie, omit the truth, or make any misrepresentation of a material fact. Characters seeking to resist this boon must roll Manipulation + Subterfuge and match, or beat the successes rolled.


The Talking Stick


Duration: One Scene (if agreed upon) or # of rounds equal to successes rolled

Roll: Charisma + Leadership


The Scion chooses an object that is easily held and imbues it with their power. While this object is imbued, only the person in the room holding it can make any sort of vocal noise. Everyone else is forced into silence. This can only be used once a scene.

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