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Associated With: Amaterasu, Danu, Dionysus, Freya, Freyr, Fuxi, Geb, Hachiman, Idun, Isis, Njord, Nüwa, The Morrigan, Osiris, Quetzalcoátl, Persephone, Shennong, Sif, Sobek, Tlaloc, Xipe Totec


Innate Power: Once per session, you can radiate an aura of vitality, causing flowers and other

plant life to bloom and grow. All allies out to long range may resolve a single Bruised or Injured

Condition. This cannot heal Maimed Conditions.

Green Thumb

Dice Pool: None

 The Scion need only touch a large plant (such as a tree or bush) or a one-square-yard patch of smaller plants (from a window box of daisies to a sheet of algae). That plant or patch can then survive for a whole year (or for its whole life if its natural span is shorter) without food or sunlight or water. The Scion’s ministrations keep the plant healthy through drought, nutrient deficiency, unnatural darkness or other environmental shortfall. The plant’s surroundings must be within its natural tolerances for the plant to survive, though. (This Boon can’t nurture seaweed on the desert floor, for instance.) Also, this Boon doesn’t protect against or cure any blight or damage from herbivorous noshing.



Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

Every gardener and farmer has to deal with blight or vermin sometimes, but doing so is easy for a Scion with this Boon. The player rolls (Stamina + Survival), and any (non-Epic/Magical) blight or infestation ends immediately. Blight clears up as if it had never occurred, and vermin suddenly find the affected plants unappealing. This Boon affects  an area of plants / crops approximately the size of a football field per success achieved on the roll, but may vary according to ST discretion. This Boon doesn’t protect against future blights, and it stops only the current generation of vermin infestation.


Toxic Thorn

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Survival

The Scion sprouts a single thorn from his hand or foot, which he can use in conjunction with an unarmed strike to poison a victim. Successes scored by the player on an (Dexterity + Survival) roll determines the strength of the poison that can be created. Once the Scion grows a particular poisonous thorn, it remains for the rest of the scene or until he chooses to shed it. Note that an unarmed attack that does not inflict damage also does not inject poison (it was blocked, dodged or absorbed by armor). The thorn is strong enough to pierce armor.


Bless or Blight

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

With a blessing, the Scion protects a patch of land from all natural blights and vermin infestations for one year. Alternatively, she can curse the land with a blight that either kills the plants within it outright or makes them so attractive to vermin that the resulting infestation has the same effect. The Scion’s player rolls (Stamina + Survival). The number of successes she rolls determines how many acres she can affect with this power. If one Scion wants to use an aspect of this Boon on a patch of land on which another Scion has used the opposite aspect, a contested roll is called for. Whoever achieves more successes spreads her effect over the larger area, canceling out the lesser effect.



Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

With a moment’s thought, the Scion reflects upon the characteristics of the green, growing world. She then internalizes those characteristics, granting herself some of the features of a plant. While the Scion doesn’t become completely suffused with plant-like characteristics, she does develop a noticeable greenish tint to her skin and hair. Her flesh becomes woody and slightly tough, which grants her one extra level of soak against lethal and bashing damage. She also gains the ability to draw sustenance by photosynthesis. So long as she garners at least four hours of sunlight in a day, she obviates her need for food completely. (While her body might still require a few trace elements, they are so negligible as to be ignored). Lastly, her blood becomes thick and sticky, completely mitigating any bleeding that might happen as a result of wounds; her injuries cover over in a translucent amber almost immediately. Greenskin lasts for a number of days equal to the Scion’s successes rolled upon activation, or until the Scion chooses to cancel the effect.


Natural Camouflage

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth

When the Scion hides in her verdant element, it’s almost impossible to find her. Her skin sprouts grass, bark, underbrush, flowers, mushrooms or what have you that allow her to blend in seamlessly with her natural surroundings. As long as she doesn’t move or otherwise draw attention to herself, mundane attempts to find or track her fail automatically. A mortal hunter with a trusty hound could walk right over the Scion’s disguised back and never know she was there. Hunters of supernatural prowess fare only a little better. Those with the Epic Perception Knack Predatory Focus or a Survival Arete can attempt to track the hidden Scion’s movements, their players rolling (Perception + Survival) against the hiding Scion’s activation roll. Even if they get more successes than the Scion’s player did, though, the hunters find only the general area in which the Scion is hiding. (They come to an area within a number of yards equal to the Scion’s Level X 10 but lose track of her unless she moves again.) Only hunters with the Supernal Hunter Knack are actually skilled enough to find a Scion who’s using this Boon to hide (and only if their rolls garner more successes than the Scion’s).

For this Boon to work, the hiding Scion must be in a natural environment, such as a forest, a meadow, a swamp, a marsh, a kelp bed or the like. If there are no plants around, the Scion cannot hide there. This camouflage changes to match the immediate surroundings, and it lasts for as long as the Scion remains still.

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