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Associated With: Artemis, Bastet, Chang'e, Horus, Kalfu, Nüwa, Tezcatlipoca, Thoth, Tsuki-yomi


Innate Power: You can radiate an aura of moonlight that cuts through darkness out to long range. Only you and those you designate can perceive this illumination — others do not benefit from it. You may  attempt to reveal the true form of any

shapeshifters or other transformed characters within the moonlight, rolling Perception + Insight

against the Manipulation + Stealth of a character that wishes to conceal the truth.

Smoking Mirror

Dice Pool: None

By looking up at the moon, the character sees reflected in it a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding terrain. This perspective allows a clear view of a radius in miles equal to the Scion’s Level. The Scion may focus on any point in the reflection and see it clearly, but he can’t see through physical objects or change the angle from the top-down perspective. This Boon doesn’t function on new moon nights, but it can see down through thick clouds on any other night. If the moon is visible during the day, the Scion can use this Boon then as well.

Tidal Interference

Dice Pool: Strength + Intimidation

The Scion exerts a pull on all enemies with whom he’s in close combat. A success on a (Strength + Intimidation) roll activates this Boon. The Boon then inflicts a +1 difficulty penalty on his close-combat opponents attacks and defense equal to the successes rolled. This effect lasts for the rest of the combat scene.

Silver Blessing

Dice Pool: None

With a breath of cool air, the Scion causes a single item to take on a glittering, silvery sheen. For the rest of the Scene, the item has all of the supernatural properties of silver. While silver does not have any inherent special qualities for most Scions, it can be effective as a weapon against certain theriamorphs (were-creatures) and undead. Silver also features prominently in some kinds of magic. An item affected by Silver Blessing loses none of its native properties, but gains all the benefits of pure silver for the rest of the scene.

Phase Cloak

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth

The Scion turns himself away from his enemies much as the moon turns its face away from the earth. The player decides which “phase” of the character’s body he wishes to leave visible, then rolls the Scion’s (Dexterity + Stealth) against a difficulty determined on the table that follows. If the roll succeeds, the intended portion of his body fades from sight. If the roll fails, nothing happens. If the roll botches, the character assumes the full-moon phase, garnering a -3 penalty on any mundane attempt to hide.

A character can attempt to use this Boon only once per scene, and the effects last for the entire scene.






Stealth rolls receive two bonus successes



Stealth rolls receive four bonus successes



Stealth rolls receive six bonus successes



Mundane detection attempts fail automatically. Stealth rolls against supernatural detection receive eight bonus successes



Stealth dice pools suffer a -3 penalty


Eclipse Halo

Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence

The Scion causes a thin, glowing corona of fire to appear in the air behind his head. This halo perfectly resembles the halo of sunfire that is visible around the edges of the moon during a total solar eclipse. The halo remains perpendicular to all witnesses’ lines of sight simultaneously.

While the halo remains, anyone who looks directly at the Scion—even through sunglasses or other polarized filters—is temporarily blinded. Being blinded thus inflicts a -4 penalty to a victim’s dice pools for a number of successive actions equal to the Scion’s successes rolled. The Scion can use this Boon only once per scene, but the halo remains visible for a number of turns equal to the activation roll’s successes.

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