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Associated With: Anubis, Athena, Forseti, Geb, Guan Yu, Horus, Kebauet, Nuada, Osiris, Quetzalcoátl, Shango, Thoth, Tyr, Uller, Vidar, Xiwangmu, Yanluo, Zeus

Innate: Judgment

Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy

This Boon aids a Scion immensely in determining guilt, one of the foundations of meting out justice. When she confronts someone she suspects committed a specific injustice and accuses that person of having done so, her player rolls (Perception + Empathy). (This roll isn’t modified by supernatural powers or contested by the suspect’s player.) On a success, the Scion can intuitively tell whether the suspect is guilty as charged. A failure yields an indeterminate reading and means that the Scion can’t try to determine the same subject’s guilt for 24 hours. A botch yields a false reading.

Guilt Apparitions

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy

When a Scion knows that someone is guilty of an injustice but she lacks either the evidence to prove it or the leverage to make him admit it, she can rely on this Boon instead. To use it, she accuses the guilty party of the injustice (be it in person, in a letter, over the phone, via skywriting…), and her player rolls (Manipulation + Insight). If the roll succeeds, the accusation causes the victim to periodically hallucinate like Macbeth or his wife. These hallucinations occur randomly, torturing the guilty party with the knowledge that justice hasn’t been served. +1 difficulty to all rolls for as long as the power lasts. 

The effect lasts for a number of days equal to the activation roll’s successes, or until the offender makes fair amends, or until the offender confesses his crime to someone who can force him to make fair amends—whichever occurs first.

Shield of Righteousness

Dice Pool: None

This Boon can protect an innocent victim from suffering someone else’s due punishment. The Scion cries out against the injustice—a simple “He didn’t do it!” will suffice. Doing so, she renders the next action that would inflict harm on the innocent victim completely impotent, obviating any damage that action should inflict. Whether the victim is being stabbed by a jealous wife, shot by a firing squad, lynched by a mob, hurled off a cliff by a duped Scion vigilante or whatever, he suffers no damage from that action.

For the Boon to work, the Scion must be present at the site of the unjust punishment, and the victim must actually be innocent.


Dream Wrack

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy

The Scion gains the ability to plague a victim with torturous dreams of a recent crime and its aftermath. She stares into her target’s eyes for a single action then names the victim, names the crime and says something to the effect of, “Now see how you like it”—except more dramatically eloquent than that. When the perpetrator next sleeps, he dreams of the wrongdoing the Scion named and suffers through exactly what the victim of that crime suffered through, experiencing everything from the victim’s perspective.

The Scion who uses this Boon must know the gist of the events of the crime as well as the crime’s aftermath, but she doesn’t have to know all the details. The victim of the Boon will fill in any details he knows, even if the Scion doesn’t know them, and his subconscious will color in the blank spots neither of them knows with information from his ugliest imaginings.

When he wakes, the target suffers a +1 Difficulty on all rolls  for a number of days equal to the successes rolled. Each night, he dreams of the crime again, unable to wake and unable to escape.

The Scion can use this power on anyone she wants, regardless of whether they actually have any connection to the crime. The only restriction is that the Scion must know who the victim is, she must know the basic circumstances of the crime, and she must have some understanding of the crime’s aftermath. Beyond that, she can afflict anyone she chooses with awful dreams. On the upside, the Scion cannot affect the same character with this Boon again until the duration of the first effect wears off. What’s more, beings of the same or greater Level can contest this Boon’s activation roll with an (Intelligence + Insight) roll to ignore the effect altogether.


Scarlet Letter

Dice Pool: Perception + Insight

When a Scion knows that a perpetrator is guilty of some wrongdoing—be it through the Judgment Boon, a judicious use of the Stench of Guilt and Blurt It Out Knacks or because she just has incontrovertible proof—she can make sure everyone else knows it too. She need only touch the exposed skin of the guilty party as her player makes the roll. When she does, an arcane mark appears on the guilty person’s flesh and will not wash off or fade away. No matter what the perpetrator does to his flesh—scar it irrevocably, tattoo over it, get a skin graft—the mark always rises to the top and remains clearly visible. Thereafter, whenever the Scion who put it there commands him to do so, the criminal must draw attention to the mark and tell anyone who can see him why it was placed there.

The mark remains for a number of weeks equal to the number of successes rolled. The only thing that will get rid of it before then is a Scion of greater Level. If the crime is especially heinous, though—or if she’s a harsh bitch.. Doing so makes the mark permanent, such that even she can’t remove it.


Note: The wrongdoing must be a wrongdoing– cheating at checkers is not a valid use of this power. 

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