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The Scion is widely read and has a ridiculously well-rounded education. She might not be a master of any single subject, but she knows a little bit about a wide range of disparate, esoteric subjects. (She could explain the intricacies of the Teapot Dome Scandal in terms of the interpersonal dynamics of the Justice League, then explain why typing “while one fork” into a UNIX system is a bad idea, before wrapping up with an explanation of how a Venus’s-flytrap works.) Normally, the burden of portraying this Knack falls to the player, so it behooves her to keep an ear to the ground for obscure trivia she can work into her character’s dialogue during the game. The Storyteller shares a bit of that burden as well, though. During a scene in which the characters seem to be stumped or hopelessly out of options, the Storyteller should “remind” the player of some pertinent bit of obscure trivia her character knows that bears a direct, helpful relevance to the problem at hand.

Math Genius

The Scion is a walking, talking calculator. She can divide up a 10-party restaurant bill so everyone pays only what they owe or calculate the standard deviation of oil prices over the last 15 years, all while holding an intense conversation about whether Republicans or Democrats are worse tippers. As long as she knows all the figures involved, she can crunch the numbers in her head with only a moment’s pause. She can also use mathematical shorthand and rapid calculation to estimate things like how many jellybeans are in a glass jar at the State Fair or how many titanspawn-possessed Civil War reenactors are currently rushing toward her across the picnic grounds.

Perfect Memory

The character remembers everything about his past from before the game started to the current moment in the story. They also have photographic memory. If ever the player forgets a salient point or key bit of information from previous sessions, he has but to ask the Storyteller and the Storyteller will remind him. It’s a good idea for the character’s player to take copious notes on each session’s events and double-check them with the Storyteller, if only to alleviate some of the stress on the Storyteller.



The Scion’s brain is his own personal Enigma machine. He can break any encryption and decode any message created by someone without Epic Intelligence, without the need for a roll. He can also design a one- time code for a specific recipient that cannot be broken by anyone without Epic Intelligence (regardless of how smart such a person is or what decryption equipment he might have on hand). Only a fellow Scion with Epic Intelligence can even attempt to break the code—calling for opposed (Intelligence + Academics) rolls. The person for whom the coded message is intended can automatically read the message as clearly as if it were written in his native language.

Language Mastery

The Scion can understand any language that is spoken to him. Once he’s heard a few sentences, he can then speak that language back as if he grew up among native speakers. Writing the language is a bit trickier, as he can only transliterate his written words in the alphabet of his native language until someone teaches him the alphabet and punctuation of the new language. For instance, say a Scion with this Knack whose native language is English has picked up French at Orly Airport in Paris and would like to leave a thank-you note for a bartender who gave him helpful information. That Scion might write, “Mare- see du mah-vay zayday,” to express his thanks, when what he really means is, “Merci de m’avez aidé.” Likewise, reading the new language can be difficult if that language uses characters that don’t appear in an alphabet with which he is already familiar.


The Scion can carry on as many separate primarily mental activities as he has dots of Epic Intelligence simultaneously and with his full attention. A Scion with Epic Intelligence 6 could play a game of chess against a recognized master while also playing go against a ninth-dan professional, translating a James Joyce novel into a different language, reprogramming his computer, planning a raid against the titanspawn entrenched in the historic ruins across town and itemizing his various businesses’ tax deductions for the year. The character never suffers distraction penalties for mental actions, nor are his separate simultaneous mental actions penalized as per the multiple action rules.


Wireless Interface

If the Scion devotes his total attention to doing so, he can mentally interface with an active computer without so much as touching it. He need only be able to see the computer, though not necessarily the monitor, in order to communicate with it. (Also, the computer must be turned on. Anybody can talk to a computer that isn’t on. Same thing happens too.) The degree to which the Scion can program the computer or access its files is the same whether he’s sitting at a keyboard in front of a monitor or just staring at its CPU, though, so it behooves him to at least know his way around an interface. Mentally interfacing with a computer’s programming absorbs the Scion’s attention, imposing a -2 distraction penalty on him unless he also has the Multitasking Knack.

Blockade of Reason

Charmers and hucksters and blowhards can get their way with even the Gods themselves, as the Gods can be tricked and led astray almost as easily as mortals can. Characters with Epic Intelligence and this Knack, however, can block out even the most charming words with a simple application of reason. When some other character uses a supernatural persuasion effort—including the addition of bonus dice from an Epic Attribute—that calls for a mental resistance roll, the character with this Knack can apply her bonus successes from her Epic Intelligence to that roll.  

Instant Translation

Prerequisite Knack: Language Mastery 

 As regards the spoken word, this Knack provides much the same benefit as its prerequisite. Yet where Language Mastery requires that the character listen for a while to get a sense of the strange language’s ebb and flow, this Knack allows the character to understand anything that is said to him in any language the moment it is spoken. Where this Knack truly surpasses its prerequisite is that it allows the character to read any written language with which he isn’t familiar, even if it’s written in characters that are completely alien to him. He can’t automatically write with perfect fluency in a new language he can speak or has read, but his written vocabulary is as broad as every word in that language that he has read.

Speed Reader

The character can read and comprehend with perfect clarity an entire block of text—such as two facing pages of an open book—in the amount of time it takes her to blink. She need only be able to see the entire block clearly enough to focus her eyes on any given word in it.


The character’s mind is so powerful that he can communicate to others via telepathy. These thoughts come through in a recipient’s head as words spoken in the sender’s voice, and are recognizable as coming in from outside. The sender must be able to see the person whom he intends to address. If the sender has the Multitasking Knack , he can send the same thought to several people at once. The sender cannot receive telepathic information from a recipient unless the recipient also has Telepathy.

Well-Read Virgin

Prerequisite Knack: Know-It-All 

 The character has such a wealth of knowledge that even if she has never performed a particular activity, she can still discuss it or research it like an expert. As such, the player can apply the character’s Epic Intelligence bonus dice to any Intelligence-based roll required to glean information, regardless of whether the character has any dots in the Ability in question. For instance, identifying what martial arts style someone is using would require an (Intelligence + Brawl) roll. With this Knack, a character with no dots in Brawl could handily identify the style, the particular variant of it the student is using and who the student’s teacher most likely was. This Knack works only for rolls intended to dredge up information.

Tactical Planning

Usually, personal combat relies heavily on quick thinking and razor-sharp timing. A Scion with the Tactical Planning Knack, though, thinks three moves ahead of everyone else on the battlefield. With her excellent command of the battle situation and her prepared contingency plans, she’s able to react by using a previously-developed script instead of falling back on reflexes. As long as she isn’t surprised, the Scion can choose to substitute her Epic Intelligence score for her Wits when making initiative rolls.

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