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Associated With: Aengus, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Baron Samedi, Brigid, Damballa, Dian Cécht, Freya, Freyr, Guanyin, Hera, Idun, Isis, Lugh, Quetzalcoátl, Shennong, Tlaloc, Xipe Totec, Xiwangmu


Innate Power: Once per day,  you successfully provide treatment to a character that resolves an Injury Condition, Poisoned Condition, or disease, of a non-magical type at no greater than moderate. (No more than two health points)


 Assess Health

Dice Pool: None

The Scion can instantly, automatically assess the current medical condition of a single living patient in his presence. He can tell how many levels of damage the patient is suffering, as well as any physical addictions he suffers, any illnesses or diseases with which he is infected and any genetic defects that afflict him.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine

The Scion speaks a few heartening words and waves his Relic or activates the pressure points and meridians on a series of targets. The Scion rolls (Stamina + Medicine). For each success scored, one target gains one temporary health level. This bonus health level lasts for the remainder of the scene. When the health level disappears, any wounds that filled it also subside; it does not overflow into normal damage.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine

The Scion can repair a patient’s injuries or inflict harm directly. On one hand, he can heal as many health levels of bashing damage as his player gets successes on a (Stamina + Medicine) roll. Alternatively, he can downgrade a number of health levels equal to successes on the roll from lethal to bashing damage.

On the other hand, he can inflict as many health levels of bashing damage as his player gets successes on the (Stamina + Medicine) roll. Alternatively, he can upgrade a number of health levels equal to successes on the roll from bashing to lethal damage. 

The Scion can use this Boon on the same person only once per day. 


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine

A quick purging of the subject’s system forces poisons away. Any mundane toxin or common disease instantly disappears from the subject, although the leftover damage, crippling, scarring or similar symptoms remain unless cured with other powers. Magical venoms and the poisons inflicted by powerful Relics might be purged.

The player must score more successes  than the original poisoner inflicted. ( in the case of divine poisons this may result in the patient requiring multiple sessions in order to be healed. Successes are cumulative ) For poisons that weren’t created via a power with an activation roll, the player must roll more successes than the poison’s Toxicity.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine

The Scion can restore one lost or damaged body part or internal organ to its full functionality without a scar. From restoring an amputated leg to replacing a punctured eye to re-inflating a collapsed lung, the Scion can affect miraculous cures instantaneously.

If the Scion chooses to harm a patient, his touch inflicts a point of aggravated damage per success instead. If he chooses, he can target that point of aggravated damage in such a way that an affected limb or non-vital organ withers and disintegrates. The aggravated damage will heal in its normal time, but the missing body part stays gone thereafter. Magical targets can attempt to resist the power (or reduce the damage) with a Stamina roll. Each success reduces the damage taken by one point.

Notes: This power does not heal a patient, it restores lost limbs and organs.

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