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Associated With: Anubis, Baldur, The Dagda, Danu, Erzulie, Guan Yu, Hachiman, Heimdall, Huitzilopochtli, Huang Di, Isis, Lugh, Miclántecuhtli, Nuada, Ogma, Quetzalcoátl, Raiden, Set, Thor, Xipe Totec

Innate Ability: Vigil Brand

Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy (to check up)

The Scion touches a person, an object or the entrance to a location and lays a mystical, visible brand there that marks that subject as being under her protection. Thereafter, whenever that subject is in physical danger (as determined by the Storyteller), the Scion receives a reflexive intuition to that effect. Should her player then succeed on a (Perception + Empathy) roll, she gains a clearer understanding of the subject’s condition, location and current situation.

The Scion can also use this Boon to check up on a subject at any time, but only one subject at a time. A Scion cannot brand herself with this Boon, but she can brand up to five other player characters (not your alts). A subject can be branded by more than one Scion at the same time. Each brand is unique to the Scion who made it.


Warning Line

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness

The Scion traces a line across the ground, along a doorway or over some other opening. The line can be as long as the Scion wishes to make it, so long as she traces the entire line in one pass. At the end, she names a creature. This can be as specific or as general as she wishes: “titanspawn,” “mortals,” “any animal smaller than a rat” and “Kane Taoka” are all valid examples. If a creature of that sort crosses the line, the Scion immediately becomes aware of it. There’s no limit to the number of Warning Lines that a Scion can have drawn at once, and she can intuitively tell the difference between any of them. (That is, if she has three different Warning Lines active, she knows which one was tripped at any given time). A Warning Line remains effective for a number of days equal to the player’s activation roll.

Level 3: Aegis

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude

By touching a mortal or an object, the Scion grants it a measure of divine physical protection. Her player rolls (Stamina + Fortitude), adding her usual bonuses. Successes on this roll then apply to the subject of the Scion’s protection as a temporary Hardness rating for the next 24 hours.

Level 4: Ward

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude

By touching the entrance to a location, the Scion lays a ward on the area that bars entrance to a certain type of threat. Such a ward could bar ghosts, walking dead, a breed of titanspawn, human beings, lesser animals or Scions. The ward acts as a sphere with a circumference area equal to 500 square feet per dot of Level the Scion has. It lasts for one day per success garnered by the (Stamina + Fortitude) roll.

The Scion can ward an area against as many different types of threats as she wants, but each threat requires its own activation roll and expenditure. (In effect, she must stack multiple wards on the same area.) Characters with more Levels than the Scion who laid down the ward can attempt to batter their way through the perimeter, thus destroying the ward. The ward can take a number of health levels of damage equal to ([the Scion’s Level x 5] + [activation roll successes]).

Unseen Shield

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude

The Scion concentrates and projects an invisible, semi-spherical shield of pure force around herself and those she’s trying to protect. The base of this shield can be as big as 500 square feet in area (about 13 feet in radius) per dot of Level the character has, though she can keep it smaller. Ghosts, spirits and physical beings of lesser Level than the Scion cannot penetrate this shield. If such a being has an equal or higher Level rating (and can bring a physical force to bear), it can attempt to batter the shield apart with physical attacks. The shield can take a number of health levels of damage equal to [the Scion’s Activation roll successes X 5], and it has an all-purpose Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Level.

Unless some enemy’s effort shatters it, the shield lasts for one scene. Once the Scion produces it, she can move around freely within. She can also adjust the shield’s size during the scene, though moving the boundary exerts a physical force that pushes people and objects in contact with it.

Come Running

Dice Pool: None

The Scion immediately rushes to the aid of anyone or anything on whom she has placed a Vigil Brand. When she gets a sensation that her branded charge is in danger (as determined by the Storyteller), she may spend three posts to disappear from her current location and instantly reappear in view of the brand she laid down. It helps to concentrate long enough for the player to make the (Perception + Empathy) roll to get an idea of what the danger is before she disappears, but it’s not necessary. Yet, while the character can use Vigil Brand to check up on a charge at any time, the Scion can use Come Running only when the charge in question is in imminent danger.

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