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Associated With: Chang'e, Hel, Uller,


Innate Power: You never suffer harm from extreme cold, nor difficult terrain or Complications due to snow, hail, or ice. You may walk over water or even clouds, as it turns to solid ice underfoot long enough to support you. 

 The cold of winter has no effect on the Scion. She never suffers damage from exposure to ice, frost, chilling wind, freezing water—or other Boons of this Purview. While the Scion’s possessions still suffer the effects of cold, the Scion herself need not fear the most extreme cold in the World (or even beyond). This immunity extends to whatever Birthright the Scion uses to access the Frost Purview. The Scion also never slips or loses her balance on bare ice. If someone pours another slippery substance (such as oil) on top of it, however, the Scion could still slip on that.


Ice Stride

Dice Pool: None

Like the God of Skis who gives this Boon its name, the Scion can speed his travel by gliding on a thin layer of snow. Hoarfrost coalesces into ice around his feet or his shoes, allowing him to skate over nearly any flat surface. As long as the Scion can slide along the ground, he can move quickly and easily. Grassy fields, liquid water (or other substances), and pavement or concrete are all ideal surfaces for this sort of motion. The Scion leaves a thin, wavering trail of ice that soon melts in warm surroundings.

As long as the Scion stays on a reasonably flat (though not necessarily level) surface, he gains a five yard bonus to his Move and Dash actions. Uller’s Stride cannot take the Scion up into the air, but he can skate over water. Tricks such as skating off the end of an inclined tree and landing on the lip of a nearby hillside count as stunts that apply the five-yard bonus to Jump actions. Players can use Uller’s Stride with many other stunts too, such as maneuvering a foe onto a not-yet-melted patch of ice so she slips for a moment, giving the Scion a bonus to attack.

Once activated, Uller’s Stride lasts for the rest of the scene unless the Scion deactivates the power prematurely. He can walk or skate interchangeably, depending upon what seems useful at the moment. The Scion never slips or falls from losing traction, though he can still be knocked down He can also trip over difficult terrain or crash into an obstacle if he’s clumsy.


Winter's Touch

Dice Pool: None

By calling upon this boon, the Scion suffuses her hands with deathly cold. When she touches water, a skin of ice freezes across it; when she caresses plants, they wither. The Scion’s unarmed attacks inflict  an extra dice of bashing damage, except against opponents immune to cold. Holding an easily chilled object, such as a cup or a metal blade, causes it to frost over. (A metal weapon affected by this Boon adds the above damage to a successful attack, but that damage is either bashing or lethal as appropriate to the weapon type.) A bottle of liquid the size of a typical soft drink will freeze through—likely bursting the container—with just a few seconds of contact.  

This Boon lasts for an entire scene after its activation, though the Scion can end it prematurely (to avoid injuring a companion by touch, for instance).


Frozen Panoply

Dice Pool: Varies

The Scion summons cold air around his hands and conjures objects made of ice. Certain standardized applications call for various dice rolls; simply conjuring sheets or blocks of ice do not.

  • Armor of Frost (Wits + Athletics): Frost spreads across the Scion’s body and crystallizes adding one additional soak dice for each success rolled.  The armor holds together by magic, but Athletics is needed to fashion the armor so its joints match those of its wearer. Armor of Frost does not stack with other armor.

  • Ice Sculpture (Wits + Craft): A catchall for shaping moderately complex structures out of ice—anything from a functional ladder to a fanciful statue.

  • Instant Igloo (Wits + Survival): The Scion shapes ice into a small shelter. 

  • Ice Bow (Wits + Marksmanship): The Scion creates a massive bow of knobby ice with 20 glittering icicles as arrows. The bow will do an additional amount of damage equal to the successes rolled.

  • Winter’s Spear (Wits + Melee): A tremendous jagged and pointed icicle forms in the Scion’s hands, which he can wield as a club, spear, sword or javelin. Ice weapons do an additional point of damage for each success rolled.


Note: Frost Immunity  blocks  this bonus damage.

A Scion could even conjure weapons of ice and hand them out to his allies in a pinch, though his allies would need to have Frost Immunity or thick gloves to use them without suffering frostbite. Such items dissipate instantly if stolen or broken by enemies.


Winter’s Mercy

Dice Pool: None

This Boon extends the effect of Frost Immunity to other beings. Each use confers one scene of Frost Immunity to one creature. A Scion does not need to know Frost Immunity already to gain this Boon, but if she doesn’t, placing Winter’s Mercy on herself costs the same as giving it to anyone else.

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