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This is the Purview of divine smiths and craftsmen, those who created legendary Relics or taught the secrets of crafts and technology to mortals. It encompasses ancient arts such as

blacksmithing, carpentry, and masonry, as well as crafts of the modern era like mechanical

engineering and computer programming.


Innate Power: Your handiwork is infallible. Items crafted by your hands are divinely inspired and unlikely to break outside of the direct intervention of a god.   Scions with the Forge ability must choose one area of expertise in which they excel (-3 difficulty ondice rolls).


 Areas of Expertise: Computers/Electronics/technology, Construction/Architecture/engineering, Blacksmithing/weaponsmithing/Armorsmithing, Carpentry/Masonry, Homecrafts (Weaving/pottery/sewing etc) 


Celestial Artifice


( MUST be in House Emberhaven if you take this Boon and want to craft Celestial Weapons and Armor )


Roll: Dexterity + Crafts

You are capable of creating items that can be imbued with the powers of the gods. Birthrights MUST be commanded by and imbued by a god (via ST). In addition, the items you create are considerably more durable than anything found in the mortal domain. Weapons and Armor crafted in this fashion gain additional damage or soak equal to the number of successes on the roll and have the potential (gods willing) to become Birthrights. Non-martial items simply work BETTER than their mundane counterparts, the user gaining an additional number of dice equal to the successes involved in crafting the item.


Reclaim From Ruin


Duration: Until project is completed

Subject: Self

Action: Reflexive

You can repair an item no matter how badly it is ruined. You can recreate items from their remains alone, up to the level of outright reversing entropy — reconstructing a burnt book from a pile of ashes, repairing a sword melted to slag by a dragon’s fiery breath, or retrieving files from a hard drive that’s been magnetized.


While The Iron Is Hot


Duration: Instant

Subject: Self

Action: Reflexive

Where others see a box of scraps, you see potential. Subtract 3 from difficulty on a roll to jury-rig a craft project in the heat of the moment. You can roll to rig together contraptions that a mortal would normally be unable to attempt due to feasibility constraints.


Put Together:

The Scion can instinctively determine how something has been put together, including the knowledge of what all the pieces are or how to replicate such a thing. They will also know what the current state of those components are and what materials were used to make them.

This works only on non-magical, non-living things they can see and ideally touch and manipulate. (Unless they have Celestial Artifice) The larger the object, the less of an insight you are going to have unless you have seen it from multiple angles.   


With this knowledge, the Scion can then put together schematics based on the studied item and recreate it fully, barring an imbuement from the gods or other great powers, provided they have the materials. (Recreating an object without the usually required components requires the ability While the Iron is Hot). They will know what makes it function, what they need to make it work (such as a power source), and if necessary, how to break it. This can be something as simple as where the pins are keeping the door in place or more complex, such as what happens when you cross the yellow wire with the green wire and press the & key.

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