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Associated With: Brigid, Hephaestus, Loki, Nezha, Njord, Ogoun, Ptah, Shennong, Goibniu


Innate Power: You and your personal belongings cannot take damage or suffer any form of harm from fire, heat, or smoke inhalation. You can walk through wildfires or industrial microwaves unharmed, swim in magma for as long as you can hold your breath, and perform similar feats of fireproof heroism. Extreme cold is likewise harmless to you. 


Bolster Fire

Dice Pool: None

Normally, fire needs oxygen to breathe and fuel to consume. With this Boon, a Scion removes both necessities from a single flame for one scene. He could keep a single torch (or even a match) lit for hours as he explores a dark labyrinth. He could cause the tiny spark at the end of a fuse to burn in place without moving. This Boon is also good for keeping a source of flame from consuming the breathable air in an enclosed space.

The Scion must be able to see the flame he intends to bolster, but once he uses the Boon, he can leave its presence without canceling the effect. The fire he bolsters with this Boon can be no larger than that of an average campfire (roughly a yard in diameter). If no source of flame is available, the Scion can create a fire the size of a candle flame from thin air. It burns at the end of his finger or from some point on the Birthright he uses to activate the Boon. The flame isn’t strong enough to cause damage in combat, but it can ignite a flammable substance easily enough.


Fire's Eye

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness

The Scion can see out of any fire that A.) is already within his line of sight or B.) he affected with Bolster Fire. The Scion cannot hear what is happening around a distant fire, and his field of vision remains the same through the fire as it is through his eyes normally. He may physically move his head or turn his body in place to change his remote perspective, though. While he looks through the fire, the Scion can’t see from his own perspective. He may maintain his remote perspective for as long as he wishes.


Blazing Weapon

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Melee (to create the weapon)

The Scion reaches into a flame that’s at least as big as a campfire and pulls out a blazing melee weapon made of flickering fire. The weapon can be of any shape and size, but the distinction is largely a matter of personal taste, rather than available traits. The flaming weapon will do an additional amount of damage equal to the number of successes rolled and affords the wielder a +1 to their attack rolls.

The character can create more than one weapon at a time from the same fire, but only characters with Fire Immunity (those with the Fire Purview or a Birthright that grants that ability) or some other means of handling fire without getting hurt can actually use them. These weapons inflict no harm on characters with Fire Immunity.

Blazing weapons inflict lethal damage and can set flammable materials (such as wood, gasoline or clothing) alight. The flame weapons or flaming enhancements last for a single scene, after which point they disappear in a puff of smoke.  


Flamin' Bullets or Arrows

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Firearms (to create the weapon)

The Scion reaches into a source of flame — anything from a candle to a bonfire will do — and then “loads” that fire into a projectile weapon. The weapon becomes wreathed in flames, and for the rest of the scene, the weapon belches blasts of divine-fueled fire. The weapon still consumes normal ammunition, but the shots become imbued with “fire power,” so to speak. The fiery rounds also inflict lethal damage, even against creatures that normally take bashing damage from bullets, such as the walking dead. The fiery rounds add +1 to their Attack Roll and +1 Damage to the weapon per success and also allow it to light targets on fire. Shooting the gas tank of a car with a pistol really can produce an explosive ending when Flamin’ Bullets are used.

In spite of the moniker, this Boon also functions on missile weapons besides guns. Anything that fires a projectile is fair game: bow, cho-ku-no, atlatl, sling, blowgun and so on. The effect is the same: Otherwise mundane ammunition becomes wreathed in fire and gains the bonuses to Accuracy and Damage. While the Scion can choose to place this Boon on weapons other than his own, a wielder who doesn’t have Fire Immunity (Fire •) risks burning himself just by holding an imbued weapon. The weapons augmented by this power do not suffer any damage, though.

Fiery ammunition burns into black smoke and ash after it strikes a target, so there’s also no evidence left behind — aside from the wounds, which look like they were inflicted by superheated versions of the weapon in question. Although the ammunition created by this Boon is fiery, it also has some degree of corporeal substance. As a result, it still inflicts damage on creatures that are immune to fire, although it does not gain the bonus to Accuracy and Damage against such targets.


Flame Travel

Dice Pool: None

The Scion can leap into any fire he can get to and instantly emerge from either another fire within his line of sight or one upon which he has used Bolster Fire. The fires he enters and exits must be at least as big around as he is. 

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