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Associated With: Apollo, Bastet, Frigg, Fuxi, Legba, Manannán mac Lir, The Morrigan, Odin, Shango, Shennong, Tezcatlipoca


Those with the Fate Purview MUST be in House Enigma.


Innate Power:


Occasionally, one of the Storytellers will give you information in the game via a vision. These can be requested via ticket once every two weeks, but may simply come before an event or a claiming. This information is rarely clear cut and is open to interpretation. Fate, of course, is malleable. You can also sense when a Scion manipulates Fate with their Knacks or other powers, identifying them as the one responsible even if the effect cannot normally be perceived.

The Purview of Fate offers the Scion who masters it glimpses into the machinations of Fate itself. The warnings of future events that the Purview offers are invaluable, but the Scion who relies on them overmuch risks becoming an unknowing agent of Fate itself.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult

The player of the Scion with this Purview rolls his (Intelligence + Occult)—without Epic Intelligence benefits—and he may do so once per two weeks. If the roll fails, nothing happens, and the player may try again the next day. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller reveals some prophetic hints about events that will play out in the future. These hints should pertain to either significant plot points in the current story or large, overarching issues that affect the cycle as a whole. The more successes the activation roll garners, the less obscure and more directly helpful the prophetic hints should be. The Storyteller can give out a number of hints equal to the number of successes on the roll, or he can simply reveal a more detailed prophecy as the player gains more successes.

Fair or Foul


Duration: Condition

Subject: One character

Range: Medium

Action: Simple

Once per scene, before a character makes a roll, you can declare that their luck intervenes — good luck lowers the target number by 1, while bad luck increases it by 1. You can invoke their luck even if your character is not in the scene by virtue of imbuing an item on their person with luck or misfortune. (You must be able to get your hands on the item for at least two turns to do this.)


Nine Lives


Duration: One scene

Subject: Self

Action: Simple

As long as you remain peaceful and non-violent in a situation, your luck is strong enough to survive impossible accidents and deadly firefights. You add +1 Defense against attacks and have + 2 on any roll where you could suffer physical harm as a direct result of failing it.




Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult

To use this Purview, the Scion clears her head and looks at the World around her without analysis or expectation. Based on what she sees, the character makes heretofore-denied intuitive leaps of logic as objects in the World around her spark of subconscious connections. The player then rolls her character’s (Intelligence + Occult), without adding bonus successes from Epic Intelligence. The player may then ask her Storyteller pointed, specific questions about various events that have occurred in game, in the PAST, that might have bearing on current events—one question per success on the roll. The Storyteller need not expound upon his answers (they can be quite terse and to the point, in fact), but he must answer them as honestly and directly as he can.

Using this Purview cannot reveal facts about things that will happen in the future, nor can a character use it to gain insight into events that don’t concern either her or the members of her Divine House. The player can use this effect to gain knowledge only once per two weeks. She can reroll a failed roll until she gets a success, but on a botch she gets no information and she cannot use Hindsight again for the next two weeks.

NOTE: You must choose to use either Hindsight OR Prophecy in a two week period. If you use one, you cannot use the other until the time limit is up.

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