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Associated With: Baron Samedi, Danu, Geb, Hades, Lugh, Hephaestus, Huang Di, Izanami, Osiris, Poseidon, Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc, Tlazoltéotl


Innate Power: As long as you are standing on the ground (the bottom floor of a building counts) or an earthen surface, you cannot be forcibly moved from your location by any amount of physical force, and gain one additional dice on Might and Stamina rolls.

Safely Interred


Dice Pool: None

 Whether the character is caught up in a landslide, buried in a shallow grave by the roadside or trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building, he need not fear the earth’s embrace. No amount of collapsing rubble can break the Scion’s bones, and he won’t suffocate no matter how much dirt piles onto him. If he lacks the strength to free himself, however, he does run the risk of either starving to death or dying of thirst if no one digs him out. Yet, it would not be the earth that kills him, but his own lack of fortitude.


Echo Sounding

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness

By stomping or otherwise knocking on the earth, the Scion gets a sense of its general composition and density, as well as finding holes or caves beneath the surface. If he’s looking for something specific in the earth—such as gold, oil or a human body—this Boon reveals its distance from him and depth from the epicenter at the expense of the other information. The Boon works only at ground level or on the up-thrust surface of a mountainside, but it works through floors and pavement. It gives the Scion a semispherical reading with a radius equal to one half mile per dot of Level



Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft

The Scion can sculpt stone, concrete, fired clay or metal with his bare hands. The substance becomes malleable like wet clay for as long as he touches it. With a successful (Dexterity + Craft) roll by his player, the Scion can shape it into any form his nimble fingers can produce. The Scion can affect up to one cubic foot of material at a time. Once he breaks contact with the substance he is shaping, it loses all malleability and sets in its new form.


Earth Armor

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft

The Scion stomps a foot or pounds a fist on the bare earth, and a thick cloud of particles of the substance rises into the air around him. This cloud swirls around him and accumulates on his body like a suit of plate armor plus helmet. Any earthen substance will suffice, from gravel to mud to sand. It lasts for the rest of the scene, at the end of which it shatters into a million pieces and falls at the Scion’s feet. A Scion with Shaping can craft the armor into a stylized shape, but only if the Scion wearing the armor remains inactive long enough to allow it.  Activating the power gives an automatic +2 to defense, as well as another +1 per success. (once per scene)



Dice Pool: None

With a pass of the hand, the Scion causes a coating of rust or oxidation to form on a metallic object or conversely removes such a coating, restoring an item to its untarnished form. A rusted metal object loses durability and functionality. Its Hardness decreases to half normal, and if the object is a precision item (like a gun), it has a 50% chance to malfunction any time it’s used. Restoring a rusted item to its original state wipes away all traces of age and even reverses the effects, so that a wholly rusted-out car body (for instance) would be as good as new. The rusted parts don’t just disappear, they reverse the process and become solid metal again. Invoking this power on an item requires the Scion to physically touch or manipulate the object, and it has no effect on metals that don’t rust (such as gold) or upon Relics or Birthrights.

Earth Travel

Dice Pool: None

The Scion can reflexively sink into the bare earth or stone or metal and move through it like a swimmer through water. The Scion can move only through a volume of earth large enough to accommodate his entire body. Also, unless the Scion has Safely Interred, he can remain within the earth for only as long as he can hold his breath. If he stays under longer, he begins to drown. While he’s under, the Scion instinctively knows his way to the nearest air.

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