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Associated With: Anubis, Baron Samedi, Hades, Hel, Huitzilopochtli, Izanami, Kebauet, Manannán mac Lir, Miclántecuhtli, The Morrigan, Odin, Osiris, Persephone, Xipe Totec, Yanluo

Innate Power:

You can see and communicate with ghosts, shades, and other forms of the undead that are normally imperceptible or incomprehensible (the Storyteller should feel free to send plot hooks your way in the form of the dead seeking favors or aid). In addition, you can perceive entryways to the Underworld.

The Scion can see ghosts even when those ghosts don’t choose to manifest. To her, ghosts are livid, physical presences, sensible to feeling as to sight (as well as smell and hearing). She still can’t harm the fragile ectoplasmic shell of a ghost who hasn’t manifested, however. The sense of touch this Boon grants is illusory. If the Scion tries to exert enough pressure to cause damage or restrain the ghost, her hand passes through it.

The Scion can also look at a dead body and know what killed it, if that cause isn’t already obvious. The answer she gets is somewhat generic (the reading would tell her a person had been poisoned, for instance, but not by what poison), but it’s conclusive despite the presence of falsified or misleading evidence. Generic causes of death include suffocation, drowning, poison, burns, internal trauma, bleeding, hunger, thirst, exposure, illness, heart attack and old age.


Delay Rot

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine 

With a brief touch, the Scion causes a subject to cease rotting and become completely preserved against decay. The item in question is immune for a number of days equal to the threshold successes scored by the player on the (Intelligence + Medicine) roll. Scions using the Death Purview extensively find this Boon extremely handy in keeping their various cadaverous “friends” fresh and crisp.

Delay Rot can be re-applied to a corpse (or vegetable, food item or other object susceptible to rot) with another activation. Once the power expires, potential putrefaction proceeds as normal; the target does not suddenly “catch up” with the elapsed time.

In the case of wounded but living creatures, the Scion can use this skill to put the person in a deathlike slumber, pausing the continuation of their mortal injuries or illnesses for the time being as explained above.


Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy (to gauge willingness) 

When a living being is at the Incapacitated health level with lethal or aggravated damage due to wounds or a terminal illness, the Scion can end that being’s suffering. The Scion must touch the being for one action. If the Scion wants to know whether the victim is truly willing to die, her player can roll (Perception + Empathy) while the Scion touches the victim. Animals usually answer in the affirmative and enemies usually do the opposite, but human beings and Scions are unpredictable.

Regardless, the subject’s willingness is ultimately immaterial unless the subject is another Scion. The power doesn’t work on a Scion (or other player characters) unless that Scion is actually willing to die (both IC and OOC). (Even then, however, Fate or the Scion’s divine parent might intervene to keep the Scion alive a little longer.)


Unquiet Corpse

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult

By touching a corpse or its grave with her hand or her Birthright, a Scion can raise that corpse as a mindless zombie (or its pantheon-appropriate equivalent) under her control. Only those limbs that are present and firmly affixed to the zombie’s torso (if only by leather straps and wood staples) function when the zombie rises. The zombie remains animated until either it is destroyed or the Scion who created it dies.


Summon Ghost

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult 

The Scion mystically calls out to a ghost and commands its immediate presence. To do so, the Scion either holds some item the dead person held dear or holds hands with a blood relative of the deceased as she speaks the ghost’s full name aloud. The ghost automatically hears the call, no matter how far away from the Scion it is. It may resist the summons with a (wits + occult) roll. If the Scion’s player’s roll gets more successes than the ghost’s, the ghost disappears from wherever it was and reappears before the Scion. When it arrives, it is under no compulsion to materialize for any witnesses or to even acknowledge the Scion’s attention.

A Scion can attempt to summon a particular ghost only once per scene. A ghost cannot be summoned across a ward or an unbroken line of salt.


Puppet Master

Roll: Manipulation + Occult

(must have Unquiet Dead to take this ability)

With Puppet Master, the Scion is capable of forcing a ghost/spirit/shade into a zombie created with Unquiet Dead. The inhabiting spirit is bound to the Scion’s control and will remain in the corpse, capable of independent thought and movement for as long as the Scion’s power continues to hold it in place.  Each success rolled binds the spirit into the corpse for a period of one month. The bond can be extended as long as it is done before the end date of the initial roll. 

While the spirits of dead Scions can be bound in such a fashion, one risks incurring the wrath of the Scion’s parent and potential divine retribution. Player Character’s must consent to this ability being used on them. 

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