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Innate Power: You can see in total darkness, even magical darkness. Darkness no longer inflicts visibility penalties on the character. He can see in pitch-blackness almost as well as he can see in bright sunlight, losing only the ability to perceive colors. (Objects he sees in darkness are black-on-black yet perfectly distinguishable.) 

Shadow Mask

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Larceny 

The Scion pulls a shadow down from the brim of his hat or up from beneath his collar and wraps it around his head, rendering him completely unrecognizable to human eyes or electronic surveillance equipment (even equipment designed specifically to see in darkness). His voice becomes an unidentifiable whisper. The Scion can see through this mask, and other Scions using Night Eyes can recognize him through it. The shadow mask lasts for a maximum of 24 hours. The Scion can will it to disperse before that period elapses, but otherwise, it remains in place the whole time even if the Scion is unconscious. It doesn’t disperse even if someone shines a bright light in the Scion’s face.


Afraid of the Dark

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy 

The Scion causes a momentary darkness to pass before the eyes of a target. For a single instant, the subject sees everything cast in shadow, with frightening overtones and hideous, nightmarish contortions. This brief second of doubt shakes the target, causing them to be terrified for as many turns as successes rolled. Afraid of the Dark has no effect on a character with a higher Level than the user. Against someone with an equal or lower level, the defender’s player rolls (Wits + Awareness) to shake off the effect.


Shadow Refuge

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth 

The Scion can hide within any shadow into which his body fits. If successful, the character blends into the nearby shadows. If he does so, mundane attempts to find him—even those aided by electronic equipment—fail automatically. Supernatural attempts aided by Epic Perception proceed as normal, contesting the searcher’s (Perception + Awareness) against the Scion’s activation roll. The Scion can hide within the shadow as long as it remains large enough. He can move with it as it moves, but doing so might require a new (Dexterity + Stealth) roll depending on the circumstances.


Shadow Step

Dice Pool: None 

The Scion can step into one shadow and emerge instantly from any shadow within his line of sight. Doing so doesn’t interrupt his action. He can draw a bow and walk backward into one shadow then instantly emerge from another shadow somewhere else and fire his arrow just as easily as if he had made a normal Move action before firing. The only catch is that the shadows through which the Scion moves must be large enough to accommodate his entire body.


Absorb Light

Dice Pool: None 

The Scion’s body turns pitch-black, and he becomes a sinkhole for light. Radiated light becomes absorbed when it strikes the Scion’s body, leaving him as a vaguely humanoid-shaped black blot (though still quite solid). In darkness or shadow, the demigod blends in almost perfectly — he’s just a little too dark, which makes him stand out a bit from the “mundane” darkness around him. Nevertheless, the Scion gains a bonus equal to the character’s Level score on all Stealth tests while the power is active.

Furthermore, because the demigod absorbs all light without harm, the Scion becomes immune to any damage or blinding effect from the Sun Purview when it’s created by anyone with a lower Level score than his own. The Scion also absorbs radiation from the infrared spectrum all the way up to cosmic rays with no effect on him, meaning that the Scion could literally survive in the nuclear fallout after the explosion of an atomic weapon (although the force during such an explosion could still be fatal). Absorb Light lasts for one scene.

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