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Associated With: Dionysus, Kalfu, Loki, The Morrigan, Set, Sun Wukong, Susano-o


Innate Power: You walk untouched through chaotic situations, taking no harm from random or

haphazard dangers such as debris in a tornado, a freak traffic accident, or being trampled by

shoppers on Black Friday. This does not protect you from damage that results from an action

performed with intent to cause harm, like gunfire in a shootout, or environmental situations. This

immunity extends to any non-magical dangerous terrain, unless a character in the scene

actively created that peril with intent to harm. You still face any Complications that such

situations would normally impose — you’re simply guaranteed to come through unscathed.


Hornet's Nest

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness

If the Boon is activated, the Storyteller should determine and reveal in general terms what action the Scion can take to either cause the most chaos in the scene or defuse the potential chaos inherent in the situation. The revelation should be something simple like “opening the parrot cage,” “staying in the hallway,” “winking at the Scion of Sif” or “calling the Scion of Ptah’s cell phone.” The Storyteller should explain only which action will lead to which outcome, not how.


Paralyzing Confusion


Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy

This Boon turns a person’s rational thoughts into seething, chaotic noise.The victim freezes in place, suddenly unable to think, speak or act. He’s unaware of what goes on around him, and he has no memory of the moments before or after the use of this Boon. The effect lasts for a scene, and it erases the victim’s memory for an equal amount of time. If the victim is of a higher level than the user, the power doesn’t work. If the victim has an equal level, the activation can be contested with freeform or roll.




Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft 

The Scion can break even the most complicated machine with just the power of her mind. She just stares at the machine in question. The character causes the machine to break down and cease functioning immediately. This does not include Birthrights.

A Scion can use this Boon on a given object only once at a time. That is, she cannot use Sabot on the same object a second time until it has been fully repaired from her first application of the Boon. Also, this Boon works only on complex machines, not simple ones. (Sabot won’t make an inclined plane suddenly not work.) It doesn’t work on machines crafted by characters of higher Level.


Recurring Distraction


Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy

The Scion sings a chorus from a silly song (any Ray Stevens tune will do) or makes some awful witticism (such as, “A good pun is its own reword.”) and uses this Boon to stick that random bit of inanity into the mind of every person who hears and understands her when she does it. Resisting the effect requires a level higher than the Scion’s player. Those who cannot resist the effect suffer a distraction penalty to all actions equal to the number of successes of the Scion’s roll. This distraction lasts for 24 hours.


Labyrinthine Lingering


Dice Pool: Wits + Awareness

The Scion stands in the middle of a crossroads, a hallway or an intersection — any place where a choice of direction could be made — and summons the confusion of chaos into the area. For the rest of the scene, anyone who enters that intersection becomes unable to determine direction. Compasses wildly spin, GPS locators lose their signal and landmarks shift and can’t be pinned down. The Chaos-user remains able to navigate, but anyone else who isn’t touching the invoking Scion becomes completely turned around. When a traveler passes through the area, no matter what precautions he takes, he becomes disoriented and exits in a random direction.

This power doesn’t affect anyone with a higher Level rating than the invoking Scion. Mortals and creatures without ichor have no defense and are automatically misled.

This power lasts one hour per success. 

Instant Riot

Dice Pool: Charisma + Performance

The Scion stands before a crowd and shouts some incendiary catch phrase such as, “Remember Kent State!”, “Rangers lead the way!” or “See you all in Sto-Va-Kor!” (Whatever’s appropriate to the circumstances.) If the activation roll succeeds, a riot breaks out. Five people per success on the roll immediately lose all sense of decorum and civility and start wrecking the joint. They work together en masse, to cause property damage and to chase down and attack hapless victims who don’t go with the flow. (Such victims usually include people who flee the chaos rather than wholeheartedly joining the mob, as well as the riot cops who inevitably have to deal with the rioters’ shenanigans.)

The riot carries on for a number of hours equal to the number of successes rolled unless the police manage to put a stop to it sooner. Anyone who participates in the madness retains full memory of every awful thing he or she did, and the shameful memory wipes out all of a rioter’s desires for combat related situations for the week following the riot. Generally, only mortals will allow themselves to be swept along in the riot, but titanspawn and opportunistic Scions might decide to ride the wave too. (Doing so still wipes out their enthusiasm for altercations afterward.) Scions who practice the Chaos Purview must have a higher level than the one who incited the riot in order for their innate power to protect them from the rioters.

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