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Associated With: Aengus (Birds), Agwe (Fish), Anubis (Jackal), Athena (Owl), Atum-Re (Falcon), Bastet (Cat), Brigid (Swan), The Dagda (Pigs), Damballa (Snake), Geb (Goose), Hachiman (Dove), Hera (Peacock), Horus (Falcon), Huitzilopochtli (Hummingbird, Eagle), Kebauet (Ostrich, Serpent), Lugh (Dog), Manannán mac Lir (Horses), Miclántecuhtli (Dog), The Morrigan (Cattle, Corvids), Osiris (Centipede, Ram), Poseidon (Horse), Quetzalcoátl (Resplendent Quetzal), Set (Salawa), Sobek (Crocodile), Sun Wukong (monkeys), Tezcatlipoca (Jaguar), Thoth (Baboon, Ibis), Xiwangmu (panther, tiger)


Innate Power: Animals will never attack or harm you, unless they are compelled by magic or

Legendary creatures themselves. In addition, The Scion can understand and make himself understood by an animal as he speaks his native language and the animal responds with its own postures, scents and/or vocalizations. This Boon doesn’t make animals smart, calm or loyal, but most are curious enough about having a person address them that they’ll hear a Scion out before defaulting to aggression, panic or indifference.


Animal Command


Dice Pool: Charisma + Animal Ken 

The Scion names one task that the animal must perform. The task cannot seem suicidal or impossible to the animal, but the animal cannot balk at an order that doesn’t immediately seem so. “Hey rabbit, go rip that lion’s throat open,” would seem impossible to the rabbit so commanded. “Run to that grass across this street,” would be a fine order for that same rabbit, though, even if cars were zipping by. The order can describe a single immediate action (“Bite that guy!”) or one with a single condition (“Come find me when a blue car stops here.”). 

Animal Aspect


Dice Pool: Stamina + Animal Ken 

By meditating for one turn on a token representing his animal, the Scion takes on a metaphorical characteristic associated with it, creating a bonus involving the Attribute most closely associated with that characteristic. A Scion might take on a snake’s sinuous grace (Dexterity), a peacock’s beauty (Appearance), an elephant’s proverbial memory (via Intelligence) or any other justifiable characteristic. The benefit lasts for one scene. (Bonus equal to number of successes rolled)




Dice Pool: Stamina + Animal Ken 

Some shamans believe that consuming a creature grants a measure of its strength. Scions who engage in this practice learn to absorb the capabilities of an animal by devouring such a creature and drawing forth its essence from the digested flesh. The Scion must eat a piece of meat from the appropriate animal (a potentially risky act, considering that the animal is probably considered sacred to his patron God). A Scion can only borrow Abilities up to the level possessed by the animal, although these can add on to his existing skill. Skills gained with Faunaphagia remain for the rest of the scene. (Skill level determined by number of successes rolled) 

Note: You could not, however, take an ability you do not have the appendages for such as wings. The Scion would have to use Animal Feature /first/ and give themselves the appropriate appendage. 

In addition, exotic meats must be acquired through appropriate roleplay. For instance: It’s unlikely that monkey meat will be for sale at the convenience store.

Animal Feature


Dice Pool: Stamina + Animal Ken 

The Scion can change a portion of his anatomy to a shape matching the analogous portion of his chosen animal’s anatomy for one scene. If his chosen animal is an armadillo, he can cover himself in a flexible armor. If his animal is a monkey, he can grow a long prehensile tail that is as dexterous as a hand with no thumb. If his animal is a spider or gecko, he can change the surfaces of his hands and feet to enable himself to climb on walls. If his animal is a bird or bat or airborne insect, he can transform his arms into wings that allow him to fly. The exact effect of the change is up to the player, dependent upon Storyteller/Admin approval. 

Note: Chosen Animal is dependent upon the God


Animal Form


Dice Pool: Stamina + Animal Ken 

In one action, the character transforms into a specimen of his chosen animal. The character’s Physical Attributes are normal for a mundane specimen of the animal he’s become, but his Mental Attributes remain his own. He also retains access to his Epic Mental Attributes, though his other Epic Attributes are off limits until he regains his human form. He can communicate with other animals of his type. Other Scions who use Animal Communication can understand him perfectly clearly. He is immune to other Scions’ uses of Animal Command. 

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