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satyr are hedonists, associated with Dionysus and resurgences of the Dionysian Mysteries throughout history. They are often accompanied by maenads, mortal women driven near to madness by Dionysus' revelations, who serve as his priestesses. satyr and maenads revel in his name, and have been known to be driven to heights of madness such that they tear people apart with their bare hands and even eat them. satyr are naturally charismatic and talkative goat-people with a knack for attracting other potential hedonists. Many artistic works featuring satyr actually had the real thing pose for them, and they've appeared in a number of classic films. (And some decidedly bad ones.) While they prefer playing to working, satyr are universally excellent physical specimens and more than capable of fighting back when the cops inevitably show up to break up the party. Their headbutts are more than capable of hospitalizing a human. Still, they're relatively harmless unless angered. Their stat block can, with modifications, be used for less friendly celebrant beings and lures, such as sirens.


satyr are satyr. Still, they're more than hedonists - they are a force of nature on the edge of civilization, making others shed their inhibitions. They tear down order and bring change. They follow their passions, good or ill, and take others with them. They are not fickle - they don't change course until they're satisfied.

Hair of the Goat

You are immune to all forms of poison and venom. If you roll crafts+medicine, you can mix whatever available liquids you have to make one dose of an antidote to any

poison you know of.

Cup of Wisdom

 When you try to solve a complex problem, you may take the Drunk condition for the scene (causing Complication on all actions, especially those involving fine motor skills) to get +1 on rolls to solve it.

Give Me Another

You can make a roll to automatically convince someone to repeat their current willing activity when they're done. If this would put them at risk of harm, the Satyr rolls (Manipulation + Subterfuge) vs (Wits + Empathy)


Party Animal

While you pursue your passions, you need not eat, drink or sleep for several days, after which you must fall into undisturbable slumber for an equal period.

Revels: When you take part in a performance, celebration or friendly gathering, the Difficulty of social actions for everyone involved is reduced by 1 for as long as you are present and active.

Blind Luck

You may define up to three points of Good luck or Bad Luck (or a combination of each) that are readily apparent to your perceptions (which may be enhanced by other abilities) but not obvious to other observers. They must conform to the Features of the area, however — it makes sense for a shotgun to be behind the bar, but not a rocket launcher. The hardwood floors of a burning building could be expected to be weak, but the flames can’t be cold. Only three total can be applied to an area at a time, regardless of how many Satrys possess this ability. This is only once per scene.

Fruit of Passion:

Choose a form of art that is your driving passion. For the rest of the session, you get extra success on all rolls involving making that form of art. After you produce a work you are satisfied with, you may switch to another art form.

Wild at Heart

When you intimidate someone with your ferocity, you can spend Momentum to double the successes on the Knack Skill roll.



  1. Assist House Revelry and House Romance in the throwing of parties or celebrations

  2. Tend to the groves and crops on the island

  3. Assist in teaching island residents music, both singing and instruments should they wish

  4. Help the Centaurs in tending livestock

Laws and traditions

Satyr Laws


  • Community: satyr value belonging and support their fellow members, fostering a strong and inclusive group.

  • Merriment and Celebration: Enjoy life's pleasures with joy and revelry, but within responsible and respectful bounds.

  • Respect for Nature: Live in harmony with the natural world, understanding its importance and protecting its delicate balance.

  • Balance and Moderation: Avoid extremes in behavior, practicing self-control and mindful living.

  • Honesty and Integrity: Uphold these values in interactions with others, both within the group and beyond.

  • Respect All Beings: Treat fellow satyr, humans, and all living creatures with dignity and kindness, avoiding violence and unfair treatment.

  • Protect the Wild: Advocate for the preservation of natural areas and discourage harmful activities that damage the environment.

  • Responsible Revelry: Celebrate responsibly, avoiding excessive drinking, destructive behavior, or actions that endanger others.

  • Community Service: Contribute to the well-being of the group and surrounding community through volunteer work and responsible actions.

  • Honesty and Transparency: Be truthful in your dealings and avoid deception or manipulation.

  • Dispute Resolution: Address conflicts peacefully and fairly, seeking solutions that benefit all parties involved.

  • Respectful Interaction: Approach all interactions with cultural sensitivity and understanding, avoiding prejudices or harmful stereotypes.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Practice sustainable living, minimize waste, and actively participate in conservation efforts.


Satyr Traditions


  • Dithyramb Competition: Compose and perform original poems or songs in the style of ancient dithyrambs, honoring Dionysus and exploring various themes.

  • Theatre for Humanity: Partner with local organizations to put on theatrical performances that raise awareness about social issues and encourage positive change.

  • Art Therapy Workshops: Collaborate with therapists to offer art therapy workshops to vulnerable communities, using creativity as a tool for healing and expression.

  • Environmental Cleanup: Organize beach or park cleanups, contributing to a cleaner environment and fostering connection to nature.

  • Harvest Festival: Organize a community feast featuring locally sourced food and drinks, where members contribute dishes inspired by their cultural heritage. Include theatrical performances and interactive games celebrating abundance.


Birthrights and Relics


Satyr do not start the game with birthrights or relics, however, they can be gained through RP and missions.


Centaurs once roamed the Eurasian steppe in huge herds, but they rarely handled encounters with the local Greeks all that well. Most notably, an ancient myth speaks of a wedding that the centaurs got invited to, got drunk at and started a huge battle with the local tribes at. This is known as the Centauromachy, and many of the Greek tribes cursed the centaurs for inspiring Scythian mounted combat and archery. 


Centaurs cannot bear confinement, and because centaurs refuse all horseshoes, they hate paved roads, which pain their hooves. Still, the more personable and calm centaurs often trade with more settled peoples, especially for alcohol, which they love. Modern states have largely given up trying to civilize the centaurs in the past century, and they still live in fairly large numbers on the steppe, with smaller colonies in northern Greece and particularly Thessaly.


 There are also American centaurs, transported there in the 19th century in significant numbers as part of an experiment that was later given up on. Now, they live as a notable minority in the Great Plains, despite the frustrations of local farmers. Modern centaurs are generally less violent than ancient ones, as they've learned that there's always more humans and that guns are dangerous, but there's still tons of social friction. 


Hephaestus is also noted as having become fascinated by the internal combustion engine and tinkered with making hybrids of mortal and vehicle. Most of his experiments died, and most of the ones that didn't couldn't breed. Centaurs have happily picked up the use of rifles, though they've always excelled at archery. 

Favored Weapon

At the beginning, choose one weapon to be your

favored weapon. When you use your favored weapon, add +3 to hit with that weapon.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

When you form a plan for a Complex Action that furthers your cause and involves your allies, roll your Knack Skill. The successes become a pool of Enhancement bonus for everyone involved to draw on when enacting the plan.

Inspiring Act: When you demonstrate how to do something by doing it yourself, you can give an ally +1 Enhancement to do the same thing.


Helping Hands Make Idle Work

When you look for help among the people who support your cause, you always find someone who will offer it. The aid will be humble and limited - supplies, food, information, a distraction. Where applicable, this functions as +1 social rolls

Rallying Presence

Strength in Numbers

When using Teamwork, you increase the maximum successes you can add from 3 to 5, and you can have multiple people rolling to assist you. However, to get the extra benefit, you must have at least as many helpers as successes rolled.


When you lead a group in combat, you can spend Momentum to give every member of the group besides you an extra Bruised box until the battle ends or you are Taken Out or otherwise defeated, whichever comes first.



  1. Help defend the island

  2. Gather food to feed all members of the island

  3. Assist the House Unbroken in training of residents

  4. Care for the live stock on the island

Laws and traditions

Centaur Laws


  • Respect: Recognize and respect the interconnectedness of all living things and the delicate balance of ecosystems.

  • Stewardship: Act as stewards of the natural world, actively engaging in its protection and preservation.

  • Sustainability: Promote sustainable practices and responsible use of resources to ensure the well-being of nature for generations to come.

  • Knowledge: Cultivate a deep understanding of natural systems and processes through active learning and observation.

  • Community: Foster a strong and inclusive community that empowers individuals to uphold these values in their actions.

  • Leave No Trace: Minimize impact on natural areas by adhering to Leave No Trace principles and avoiding harmful activities.

  • Conservation and Restoration: Participate in activities that protect habitats, restore damaged ecosystems, and support native species.

  • Sustainable Living: Implement sustainable practices, including responsible waste management, energy conservation, and local food sourcing.

  • Education and Advocacy: Organize educational events and participate in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues.

  • Respectful Interaction: Approach all interactions with nature with respect, avoiding unnecessary disturbance or harm to wildlife and ecosystems.

  • Collaboration and Partnership: Partner with other organizations and individuals committed to environmental stewardship.

  • Accountability and Responsibility: Hold each other accountable for upholding these laws and address violations through a fair and just process.




  • Trial of the Wild: Young centaurs embark on a solo journey into the wilderness to test their survival skills, learn from nature, and earn their place as respected members of the community.

  • Test of Balance: Young centaurs participate in a series of physical and mental challenges that test their coordination, empathy, and understanding of their dual nature.

  • Storytelling Ceremony: Young centaurs recount their personal experiences and lessons learned to the elders, demonstrating their growth and readiness to contribute to the community.

  • Grand Hunts: Organized group hunts provide food, foster cooperation, and honor traditional practices. Emphasis should be placed on sustainability and respect for the natural balance.

  • Stargazing Nights: Gathering to observe the stars could connect centaurs to their celestial heritage and inspire exploration of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

  • Competitions and Games: Activities like races, archery contests, or displays of horsemanship foster both friendly competition and showcase different centaur strengths.

  • Community Service: Participating in projects that benefit the environment or the island shows respect for their surroundings and builds positive relationships with other communities.


Birthrights and Relics


Centaurs do not start the game with birthrights or relics, however, they can be gained through RP and missions.

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