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Not all of a demigod’s power comes from within. Most also rely on the use of divine and magical items generally referred to as Relics. These can be found upon occasion, purchased from a procurer of such things (generally in the form of a merchant visiting the island)  gifted from a grateful god or given in trade in exchange for performing a quest or task for them. Sometimes, a relic will be the prize for a contest or competition. 


  Birthrights are a type of Relic, but they are special in that they are gifted to the Demigod upon their day of claiming and have the unique quality of always finding their way back to their owner. Because of this, it takes a great power to destroy a Birthright, the power of a god. This is usually the god that gifted it in the first place, as it’s considered pretty rude to destroy the Birthright of another god’s child. Birthrights only belong to Demigods, Centaurs and Satyrs rarely, if ever, have them.


Every Birthright is unique, created specifically for the Demigod in question, and even if two are very similar, there will always be differences, whether it is the physical form or the way the powers within it work. Relics can be identical to one another, depending on how and when they were made. 


Relics may have a varying amount of abilities, from the peculiar to the awesome, and are always decided upon by the ST (though suggestions on future relics are always welcome). These are granted through RP, whether it be participation in stories or winning a competition.


Birthrights tend to have either 2 - 3 minor abilities or one major ability. These could be access to particular knacks or a purview that would normally be outside of your talents, bonuses to abilities or combat, or simply something that would likely be useful to you, such as a hat that grants invisibility, a bag that holds a thousand pounds weight but is light as a feather, or a staff that can grow to a ridiculous length or shrink to the point that it could be hidden in your pocket. These can be weapons or mundane objects, and one should note that simply because one is a daughter of a war god does not mean that their Birthright is going to be a sword.


Birthright creation goes about two ways. For those who are coming in as already Claimed, the creation of the Birthright can be included in their application, pending tweaks and approvals from staff. 


For those coming in as Unclaimed, their Birthright will be given to them when they are Claimed IC. These Birthrights will be completely designed by the Storytellers, as one of the benefits of coming in as Unclaimed is being surprised by one’s parentage.  Your stats (before you adapt it to have purviews, epic attributes and knacks)  will be taken into account, as well as your manner of play.  Also, keep in mind that a Birthright that is disappointing could be a source of RP, and sometimes, what something appears to be isn’t quite all it is. Sometimes, your parental god might not reveal all that your Birthright does right away.


Some Relics are so special that wars have been fought over them, whereas some have abilities that one might struggle to find a use for. Generally, one will not have very many relics outside of their Birthright, but accumulating them means prestige. So even a weird item, perhaps the Flask of Eternal Mouthwash, will be fought over, just for the bragging rights of having One More Relic.


All Relics and Birthrights are recorded and tracked by staff. If you give away a Relic to another player, please file a ticket on Discord letting us know what relic you are trading and to whom. Birthrights CANNOT be given away.

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